US Senate Candidate David Smith gets his CHL

By Collin Rink

Ohio’s Senator DeWine is up for re-election this year. With an approval rating in the 30’s and falling, he is certainly vulnerable. With the unfortunate withdraw of Democratic pro-gun candidate Paul Hackett, Ohio is facing six more years of anti-gun dribble unless we help a good candidate win the May 2 Republican primary. Dave Smith wants to be that man.

I am pleased to report that David R. Smith, candidate for United States Senate, has joined tens of thousands of fellow Ohioans as a Concealed Handgun Licensee. Smith, a Warren County Republican, took his training from myself and John Fenton (Buckeye Firearms Association volunteers and owners of FRST Security Training) at our March 25th class.

Smith was a great student. He shot very well and did great on the written test.

During the class, Smith was given five minutes to address everyone during a break. He made the 2nd Amendment the centerpiece of his talk and gained a number of supporters.

John Fenton said, "Smith did a great job. He knows the issues, and knows gun owners. I was even impressed with his choice of firearm, a .45 caliber Glock."

Since completing the class, Smith has applied for and has already received his Ohio Concealed Carry License from the Warren County Sheriff.

Smith is trying to unseat incumbent rabid anti-gunner DeWine in the Republican primary to be held on May 2nd. DeWine is considered vulnerable, due to his atrocious record on gun rights, opposition to President Bush's plans for oil exploration in Alaska, and for joining the notorious "gang of 14". Smith's campaign has focused on the Second Amendment, and he is a strong pro-gun contrast to DeWine, who has voted to ban many common rifles and who opposed granting immunity to law-abiding gun makers from frivolous lawsuits.

On his website, Smith notes his belief that "individuals, not guns, are responsible for crimes and that strengthening families, improving education, and fostering higher morals among citizens are the real keys to reducing gun-related crimes."

This race is a classic example of why primaries are important. Failure to act now will result in two terrible candidates to choose from on the November ballot. We should not let that happen when we have a good choice now.


By Chad Baus

The Washington Times is covering news of gun owners' discontent with Mike DeWine today. From the story:

    One conservative group that has a big problem with Mr. DeWine is the National Rifle Association, which is giving him an "F" grade over his opposition to the NRA's top priority last year: a bill protecting gun manufacturers and sellers from lawsuits for unlawful use of their firearms.

    "He was the lone Republican to vote against a cloture vote on the bill, and the lone Republican to speak against the bill that had overwhelmingly bipartisan support. He has been a consistent and loyal supporter of the gun-control movement, and NRA members and lawful gun owners in Ohio know it," said Chris W. Cox, the NRA's chief lobbyist.

    Mr. DeWine refused to apologize for his vote, saying, "I call it like I see it."

    "I believe people have the right to have guns and that this was a well-intentioned bill," the former prosecutor said. But "I felt it would exclude automatically victims from our courts without having their day in court."

In addition to David Smith, DeWine is also opposed in the GOP primary by another pro-gun citizen candidate, William Pierce.

Gun owners who want to ensure that the United States Senate contains a majority that is committed to protecting their right to bear arms are encouraged to do their homework on these two conservative challengers. No matter who Republican voters choose in the May 2 primary, Second Amendment-defenders should make sure that their rallying cry these next three weeks is ANYBODY BUT DEWINE.

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