Senator DeWine proud to be anti-gun

By Jim Irvine

Senator Mike DeWine has become the first U.S. Senator this campaign season to earn the endorsement of the Brady Campaign, a leading anti-gun and anti-self defense organization. Not many people have a stronger anti-gun record than DeWine’s opponent, Congressman Sherrod Brown, but DeWine can claim that dishonor.

Quoting the Brady Campaigns Peter Hamm, the Cleveland Plain dealer wrote:

    "Sherrod Brown has a perfectly fine record on our issues, so we are by no means saying anything critical of Mr. Brown," Hamm said. But DeWine's record really wowed the group.

Quoting Sarah Brady, the Cincinnati Inquirer wrote:

    Sarah Brady, who is honorary chairwoman of the campaign, said that in a political world where many pander to special interests, DeWine "consistently and reliably does the right thing for his country and for the people of Ohio."

If anyone would know about political pandering and special interests, it’s Sarah Brady. Too bad neither she nor DeWine know the first thing about firearms or what is right for the victims of violent crime, including such basic things as survival.

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When you want to know what the anti-gun zealots are up to, what better source than the Cleveland Plain Dealer. They do an excellent job highlighting why DeWine is lauded over by Sarah Brady and her ilk. The Cincinnati Enquirer also has good coverage on the endorsement. I encourage you to read both stories to better understand what Mike DeWine represents.

Also consider this quote from Mike DeWine from the Akron-Beacon Journal (Aug 2, 2005) worthy of being listed on the Brady Campaign Website regarding S397.

    "[Senator Mike] DeWine expressed particular outrage at the sweeping scope of the legislation, providing the gun industry with something no other industry in the country has received, a complete exemption, in effect, from 200 years of civil law. [...] DeWine argued: 'Who, then, will benefit by the passage of this bill? The people who will benefit are the irresponsible dealers and the irresponsible manufacturers.' [...] DeWine cited the frequent calls of his colleagues for judicial restraint. 'What about legislative restraint?' he asked. Not when it comes to serving the agenda of the gun lobby."

No Senator, the people who will benefit are the people who will be able to buy a gun and thus save their life from the criminals. Here is what S397, the “Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act” actual does.

    (b) Purposes- The purposes of this Act are as follows:
    (1) To prohibit causes of action against manufacturers, distributors, dealers, and importers of firearms or ammunition products, and their trade associations, for the harm solely caused by the criminal or unlawful misuse of firearm products or ammunition products by others when the product functioned as designed and intended.

So you can’t sue a company who followed all applicable laws, and produced a properly functioning product that was later used by a third person to commit a crime. It’s that simple. I suppose next DeWine will want to sue Wilson if one of their baseballs injures someone at a baseball game this summer. That is un-American.

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