Million Mom'ers want Ohio businesses to remain victim zones

The president of the Million Mom March's Greater Cleveland chapter, Lori O'Neill, has written yet another letter to an Ohio newspaper editor which raises serious questions about her ability to get the facts straight.

In her letter, O'Neill states that "one very influential group has yet to weigh in on the issue: business."

But as we reported on December 31, 2002, the Ohio Council of Retail Merchants, a group representing 3,300-members, has voiced support for this reform.

O'Neill also makes the claim that "in the absence of a company policy that prohibits concealed weapons, companies will be forced to admit permit holders and their guns into their places of business."

However, a basic understanding of existing Ohio trespassing law would help Ms. O'Neill know the truth: no company policy against concealed weapons is needed to ask someone to leave private property, including a place of business. It just isn't so.

O'Neill finds the (imagined) silence from business "odd, considering that companies in virtually every industry will be adversely affected if a concealed carry weapons bill passes in Ohio."

Business-owners may wish to ask O'Neill how they could be more adversely effected than they are under the current ban on self-defense.

We have prepared a list of examples of how Ohio businesses are made victim zones by the current ban, as well as a word from a nationally renowned police chief, who openly suggests arms can keep businesses safe.

Nationally renowned police chief suggests arms can keep businesses safe.

Below are links to real-life accounts of Ohio business owners becoming victims, while business-owners in other states were able to protect their lives and property:

Grocery Store:
Tale of Two Cities: Akron market robbed; Augusta store mgr's daughter spared.

Jewelry Store:
Tale of Two Cities: Columbus jeweler shot, paralyzed; Philly robber dead.

Carryout Store:
Tale of Two Cities: Toledo store mgr. shot; Seattle pharmacist shoots back.

Video Store:
Tale of Two Cities: Troy video store robbed; Jacksonville robber killed.

Discount Store:
Tale of Two Cities: Warren man kidnapped, Detroit man defends self.

Ice Cream Store:
Tale of Two Cities: Cincinnati armed robber at large; Atlanta robber in jail.

Auto Parts Store:
Tale of Two Cities: Toledo woman dies, Charlottesville man lives.

Tale of Two Cities: Dayton Man Abducted; Burlington Man Spared.

With these accounts in mind, Lori O'Neill's claim that restoring Ohioans' self-defense rights would create a hostile working environment come across just a bit hollow, don't they?

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