Pro-Gun Punditry: Wednesday's Buckeye State Roundabout

By Chris Chumita

There are more stories pertaining to our gun rights in Ohio then we can possibly draw attention to with individual daily commentary. But they are worthy of mention.

What follows is our review of headlines from around the state though a pro-gun rights lens.

From school shootings in Vermont to school shooting sports programs, these articles should be a part of your required reading!

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8/24/06: Essex, Vermont: School Shooting

From the article:

    A gunman shot five people Thursday, killing two of them, in a rampage through two houses and a school that ended when he wounded himself, police said.

Even in states that have little or no restrictions on concealed carry, law-abiding citizens are often disarmed by federal laws.

This is just another example how our schools are "Criminal Protection Zones." "Gun Free Schools" only ensure that the teachers and students are easy prey for the predators of society. I would hate to think how this would have turned out if school was in session.

8/24/06: Toledo, Ohio: Excellent CCW Editorial

From the editorial:

    I was saddened by the reports of a recent armed robbery that took place as a Florida man was walking to his car after visiting the rest room at a Vermilion, Ohio, rest area. While the incident itself is disheartening, so is the fact that Ohio law limits self-defense at rest areas.

When will Ohio legislators finally restore our right to defend our own lives? Currently, the law creates areas that law-abiding citizens are not allowed to carry their firearms. The law only protects criminals.

8/27/06: School Shooting Sports Programs

From the article:

    Shooting clay targets with a shotgun is a growing sport at high schools and elementary schools across the country. More than 7,000 students from fifth through 12th grade now take part in trap, skeet and sporting clay activities and competitions in 35 states.

Its nice to see that the shooting sports are finally gaining acceptance in schools. Firearms and the shooting sports can help teach kids responsibility, and marksmanship.

8/16/06: Ohio News: Opening Day For Hunting And The Apprentice Hunting License Program

From the article:

    “Many hunters look forward to opening day each year,” said Steven A. Gray, chief of the Division of Wildlife. “Hunters this year will also be able to enjoy the early season hunts with the kick-off of Ohio’s new apprentice hunting license.”
    The apprentice hunting license was developed as part of a nationwide effort called “Families Afield,” designed to remove barriers that prevent hunters from passing along the hunting heritage.

The Buckeye Firearms worked hard to help pass HB 296, the Apprentice Hunting License Bill. As a result, there can be potentially hundreds to thousands of children and adults who are introduced to hunting this year. To all of the hunters out there, please be safe and have fun!

8/23/06: Dayton, Ohio: Lengthy Undercover Investigation Leads To Arrests

From the article:

    After months of investigation, Dayton police and federal agents arrested convicted criminals who they said were trying to buy guns.
    For two months, Dayton police, U.S. marshals, Montgomery County sheriff’s deputies and federal agents have been conducting undercover surveillance in cooperation with local gun shows to target convicted criminals trying to purchase weapons.

The system worked like it is suppose to. This is only more proof that we do not need anymore gun laws. The ones we have work if they are actually enforced.

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