And They Ask Me Why I Carry? Part II

By Linda Walker

In Part I, which was inspired by the occasion of September being “Realtor Safety Month”, I offered commentary which revolved around the fact that as real estate agents, we are never given information about concealed carry being a viable option in our self protection. Instead, we are taught useless self defense tactics that may give someone a false sense of security. I received huge response from real estate agents and brokers from across the country after reading my article.

I was relayed countless stories of agents knowing someone who had been attacked, put in bad situations, or had a scare while out just trying to make a living. I also heard from buyers who had been looking at properties with their unarmed real estate agents and encountered a scare. It warmed my heart that many of those agents and brokers who contacted me, are also my fellow concealed carry license holders, and many also instruct CCW classes!

After the article had been posted on Buckeye Firearms Association website for a couple days, I was contacted by Cam Edwards of NRANews ( to do a live interview with him about my article. In preparation for my appearance on NRANews, I researched the National Association of Realtors website. I found a 6 minute video on their website entitled “Don’t Be a Victim-Personal Safety for Realtors”. I intently watched this video hoping for just a small hint of a pro-CCW message. To my shock and dismay, I found the complete opposite.

Under the heading “Don’t Carry a Firearm”, I quote the 2 sentences the NAR follows up with:

    “We don’t recommend carrying them because they could be used against you with fatal results. If confronted by a knife or gun, don’t resist and give him whatever he wants and wait for the opportunity to run.”

“Don’t resist and give him whatever he wants????” The National Association of Realtors is telling me to submit to being raped. Submit to being thrown in the trunk of my car. Submit to whatever he wants to do to me! That is not a viable answer to me. I will not submit to being a willing victim! And I don’t care if it is the organization that I am (forced to be) a member of that is telling me to give him whatever he wants, in the name of being politically correct. I will not give him whatever he wants.

Obviously, the NAR does not have my best interest in mind with these types if ludicrous comments. So more than two weeks ago, I emailed the top nine elected officers of the National Assoc. of Realtors the following email.

Click on the 'Read More' link below to read Walker's letter to the National Association of Realtors.

    Dear Elected NAR Officers:

    September is always focused on "Realtor Safety" by NAR, our state associations and regional associations. I attended the safety seminars put on by our regional Board both in 2004 and 2005. Both were very fine seminars instructed by a local Sheriff's Deputy, trainer in self defense. But, there is always one thing missing in these presentations and more importantly, it's missing in the information put out by the National Association of Realtors.

    If you do a simple Google search of "Realtors murdered", a wealth of unfortunate information will come up highlighting the murders, rapes, kidnappings, robberies, etc. of my fellow real estate agents. The business we have chosen for ourselves is an inherently dangerous occupation. What other business is there that is getting a request to meet an unknown stranger at an unknown property, quite often in undesirable areas, quite often vacant? It is vitally important that as agents, we take every necessary step to protect ourselves.

    I have taken the necessary steps in my own self protection. The moment concealed carry was passed in Ohio in January 2004, I signed up for the CCW class, and then became one of the first to be licensed to carry in my county. Since then, I have become a leader of a 2nd Amendment rights political action committee that is highly respected by the Ohio Legislature. I have also become a certified NRA Basic Pistol Instructor, so that I can instruct my fellow real estate agents in the ultimate of self protection. Do I want to be a "Dirty Harry"? Absolutely not! I pray that I shall never be put in the position of even needing to think I may need to draw my firearm.

    During my years as a Realtor, having attended the safety seminars, having read the trade papers, having had the hairs on the back of my neck raise during a showing, never once have I seen the slightest suggestion that concealed carry would be a viable alternative to our safety by the NAR. I will give kudos to the Ohio Assoc. of Realtors for stating this, "you should familiarize yourself with Ohio laws concerning self defense, including the issue of what is proper or improper use of force to defend yourself during an attack". Good for them!!!

    After doing research on Google, I wrote the following article that was published on the website of the PAC that I am a proud leader of:

    Literally I had dozens and dozens of real estate agents and brokers across the country contact me after reading my article. ALL gave me kudos and thumbs up on the article. I'm quite sure that it was posted at hundreds of RE offices across the country in the past couple weeks. Many of those agents/brokers contacting me also conceal carry and many are CCW instructors as I am.

    Shortly after the article was posted to our website, Cam Edwards, host of NRA News requested that I do a live on air interview with him. In my preparation of the interview I went to the National Assoc. of Realtors website. On there I found the 6 minute video entitled "Don't Be a Victim-Personal Safety for Realtors". As I watched the video intently, I saw how to stomp on the foot of the aggressor, how to carry a personal protection device that will sound a loud shrill sound, giving me time to run from my aggressor. And then under the heading "Don't Carry a Firearm", I will quote you the 2 sentences in this portion of the video:

      "We don't recommend carrying them because they could be used against you with fatal results. If confronted by a knife or gun, don't resist and give him whatever he wants and wait for the opportunity to run."

    "Don't resist and give him whatever he wants!!!!!" As Cam Edwards asked me, "What if what he wants is my life?" As a daughter of a victim of rape, giving him whatever he wants is NOT a viable answer to me. I am incredibly insulted and hurt that that would be the suggestion to me by the organization that is suppose to have my best interests in mind. I am being told by NAR to submit to rape, perhaps having my throat slit, or if he tells me to get in the trunk, comply. Statistics show that if you are moved to a secondary location, the odds are that you will be killed! You have got to rethink NAR's position here.

    Does NAR have any evidence of real estate agents who conceal carry, having had their firearms taken away and used against them? I suspect not, but I bet there is evidence of where a real estate agent has defended their own life while carrying.

    Instead of the bunk that was stated on the NAR safety video, (I suspect in the name of trying to be politically correct), would it not be more advantageous that it say something like this:

      "Should your state allow concealed carry, and should you chose this as a viable alternative for self protection, please take the necessary steps in legally obtaining your CCW license/permit in your state. Regular practice with your firearm should be a priority. Take great care in making sure that your firearm is never exposed to any of your clients."

    I would be very dismayed to think that the NAR would consider themselves an anti-gun organization. Or, in the name of being politically correct, these types of statements are being made. I can guarantee you, that of the over million members of the NAR, the number of gun owner/agents far exceed the number of anti's who prefer to blame the gun rather than the bad guy. There are currently 48 states that allow concealed carry. It is a growing trend that more and more agents are carrying (and instructing CCW classes). It is time that the NAR truly does have the best interest of their Realtors at heart, and stop making these ridiculous statements on your video. May I suggest this video be updated.

    I would expect that NAR support me as I have supported NAR for several years. I look forward to receiving your replies!

More than two weeks after sending my email, I’ve yet to have received a response from even one NAR recipient. On the other hand, I’m sure I would hear from them if I did not submit my annual dues.

Linda Walker is a Region Leader of Buckeye Firearms Association, a licensed real estate agent in the State of Ohio, and a certified NRA Basic Pistol Instructor, instructing concealed carry classes in Central Ohio.

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