Senate Committee Chair signals he'll bend to Taft on media access loophole fix

The Canton Repository recently published an article detailing the various opposition testimony to HB9 heard by members of the Senate Judiciary Committee on Civil Justice.

According to the newspaper, Committee Chairman David Goodman has signaled that instead of siding with the 93 House Representatives who listened to their constituents and voted for the bill, which contains a provision that would close media access to some CHL personal information, he is instead more concerned about the gun ban lobby and a veto threat from Ohio's unpopular, lame-duck governor.

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From the story:

    Toby Hoover, executive director of the Ohio Coalition Against Gun Violence, provided written testimony to the committee that said [her] organization opposes a provision in the bill to keep the records of gun owners private. The provision was not part of Oelslager's original bill, but was added as an amendment before it passed the House.

    Goodman and others have said the provision is likely to come out because it is a "deal breaker." Gov. Bob Taft opposes keeping gun records secret and could veto the bill if the provision is kept in.

Just a few weeks ago, the anti-CCW Sen. Goodman was locked in an expensive battle with Buckeye Firearms Association-endorsee Emily Kreider to hold his Senate seat. Even though certain other pro-gun groups inexplicably endorsed the incumbent anti-CCW Senator, we stood by our endorsement of his challenger. Goodman's latest statements on the media access loophole provide yet another reason why.

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