Anti-gun mayor convicted on firearms charges

Regular readers if this website will be familiar with New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg's anti-gun tirades (see here and here and here and here for more information).

According to, one of the mayors in Bloomberg's coalition of Mayors Against Illegal Guns apparently wants his constituents (or rather, as he and Bloomberg seem to consider them, 'subjects'?) to do as he says, not as he does...

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From the story:

    A Mississippi mayor has pleaded guilty to misdemeanor weapons charges after carrying a handgun on church and school property, and a gun rights group thinks now would be a good time for him to step down from Mayors Against Illegal Guns (MAIG).

    Jackson Mayor Frank Melton, a Democrat, pleaded guilty Nov. 15 to the misdemeanors to avoid felony charges that would have cost him his job. Instead of jail time, he was fined $1,500 and put on a year's probation.

    Lawrence Keane, director of the gun rights lobbying group National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF), on Tuesday called Melton a "hypocrite" for violating gun laws while maintaining membership in MAIG.

    MAIG is a coalition of American mayors headed by New York Republican Michael Bloomberg. On its website, the group says it "respect[s] the rights of law-abiding citizens to own guns" and that their "only interest is in fighting crime."

Michael Bloomberg may be the Mayor of New York City, but he still has a profound affect on our Ohio gun rights. In an attempt to spread his restrictive New York City gun laws all over the country, Bloomberg recently deployed private investigators out of state to "investigate" gun retailers. During the course of the “investigation,” Bloomberg’s investigators may have committed felonies by lying on BATFE Form 4473. It is also being reported that Bloomberg’s actions may have interfered with "on-going investigations" by the BATFE.

“Simply because Bloomberg is a billionaire does not put him above the law,” Second Amendment Foundation founder Alan Gottlieb has said. “It also does not give him license to destroy by innuendo and frivolous lawsuits the livelihoods of firearms retailers because he dislikes how they make a living.”

Mayor Melton now certainly knows he is not above the law. But even after his convictions, and while noting that "no one is above the law", Bloomberg spokeswoman Virginia Lam did not comment specifically on Melton's plea or on what, if any, action MAIG will take against him.

Again, from the story:

    The illegal gun issue is not Melton's first brush with controversy.

    In July 2006, the American Civil Liberties Union called for an investigation into claims that he had "violated the civil rights of Jacksonians through warrantless searches of homes, vehicles and persons and by violating the due process rights of persons detained and/or accused of crimes." says that according to The Hill newspaper, Melton created a stir in the U.S. Capitol in July when he received credentials that would have allowed him to carry a firearm in the building, a privilege normally reserved only for active-duty police officers.

The Hill also reported that Melton is known for carrying a firearm with him at all times, including on commercial airline flights and in accompanying Jackson police during crime-fighting efforts.

Do as he says, not as he does, right? In the case of his illegal behavior, at least, gun owners will be happy to comply.

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