Democrats name replacements in two pro-gun Senate districts

The Cleveland Plain Dealer reported last week that the Ohio Senate Democratic caucus appointed Capri Cafaro to the 32nd District seat that was vacated by Buckeye Firearms Association-endorsee Sen. Marc Dann, who won election as Ohio's Attorney General Nov. 7.

Cafaro was endorsed by the National Rifle Association in her party primary for a U.S Congressional seat last May, but she was defeated. The NRA has given Ms. Cafaro an “A” rating in 2004 and 2006, based on the answers she provided in her NRA US House Candidate Questionnaires. However, many gun owners point out that many of the properties owned by her family are criminal protection zones, because they ban law-abiding citizens from carrying concealed handguns. Buckeye Firearms Association will set about testing Cafaro's pro-gun principles early in the next legislative session.

The Plain Dealer goes on to say that 38-year-old Jason Wilson was also appointed Tuesday to an eastern Ohio Senate seat. Wilson will fill the vacancy left open in the 30th District by his father, Charlie Wilson, who was elected to Congress. The Congressman-elect Wilson was a multiple-endorsee of this political action committee, and we are eager to confirm that he has passed on his pro-gun values to his son.

In the Columbus Dispatch's coverage of leadership selections, reports say that Senate Republicans voted to bring back the five remaining members of their leadership team in 2007, with Senate President Bill M. Harris, R-Ashland, returning to lead the chamber.

The Senate Republican leaders next year will be: Jeff Jacobson, of Vandalia, president pro tempore; Randall Gardner, of Bowling Green, majority floor leader; Robert F. Spada, of North Royalton, assistant majority floor leader; and Steve Austria, of Beavercreek, majority whip.

Gun owners are encouraged to contact these Senators, congratulate them on their appointments, and express your hope that pro-gun legislation will take center stage in the upcoming 127th General Assembly.

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