Why every American should be pro-gun

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By Michael A. Kotch

Why are you a member of the NRA? This is a question that has been asked of me on more than one occasion. My answer can not be summed up in a single sentence, but must be examined through a thorough analysis of our Bill of Rights.

The first Ten Amendments of the United States Constitution bestow upon the private citizen certain unalienable rights, which have been given to us by our creator. Initially they were drafted to protect the private citizen against a powerful national government. They were in essence a compromise between the need for a central governing body, and a recognition that to much power in a central government will ultimately lead to tyranny of an overly powerful government over the people.

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Our forefathers were aware that certain individual rights needed to be guaranteed by law. The acknowledgement that individual citizens were guaranteed rights intended to protect them against both the national and state governments was formally recognized through the 14th amendment of the United States Constitution. The Second Amendment of the United States Constitution was intended to guarantee the individual citizen the right to keep and bear arms. In essence, the 2nd Amendment guarantees the individual citizen the right to defend themselves against those who would treacherously withhold either their loved ones or themselves from life, liberty, and/or the pursuit of happiness. Nazi Germany is a historical example of what the 2nd Amendment aims to prevent.

The horrific experiences of those who encountered the tyrannical rule of the Nazi's is difficult for most American’s to imagine, and we have our forefathers to thank for the peace that we are able to enjoy. We as American’s have Rights that are guaranteed to us, yet these rights do not just protect us from tyranny of government. There are those who seek enjoyment by hindering the basic rights of others. We call these inexorable individuals criminals. Yes, these are people who have absolutely no respect for the law, or the rights of others, and our 2nd Amendment protects us against these people. It should be painstakingly obvious that the police are unable to be everywhere at every moment. Citizens must be able to protect themselves against acts of violence, and a firearm is the most efficient and practical tool to utilize in a self-defence situation.

Let us hope that we never contend with violent oppression. However, we must be thankful to our forefather for giving us the 2nd Amendment that allows us to protect our life, liberty, and ability to live in peace.

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