WTOL Toledo story proves city's gun control policies a failure

By Chad D. Baus

WTOL.com (CBS Toledo) recently published an article entitled "In Toledo, Guns are Easy to Get, Even for Teenagers". A simple scan of the story proves beyond all doubt that Toledo's many gun control laws, which city officials claim are essential crime-fighting tools, have been a complete failure at meeting their stated goals.

From the story:

    Detective Keith Dressel died from a single gunshot to the chest -- allegedly fired by young murder suspect Robert Jobe.

    Kids and guns can be a deadly combination -- especially when you consider the availability of weapons.

    The one question we keep hearing is this: How is it possible for a 15-year-old kid to acquire a 38-caliber handgun and allegedly murder an undercover detective? We found one answer out on the streets of north Toledo.

    "Yeah, a lot of people do have guns out here man," said Omar Ramon, a resident. "It's pretty easy. All you have to do is basically go around, ask a friend of yours. And they might know a person. It's pretty easy."

"Easy" despite a city ban on "Unlawful transactions in weapons".

"Easy" despite a city ban on the "Failure to secure dangerous ordnance."

"Easy" despite a city ban on "Carrying concealed weapons."

"Easy" despite a city ban on "Improperly furnishing firearms to a minor."

"Easy" despite a city law demanding purchase of a "Handgun identification card".

"Easy" despite a city law detailing rules governing "Handgun transfer restrictions".

"Easy" despite a city ban on "Weapon possession in public places".

"Easy" despite a city law against "Failure to secure firearms" from minors.

"Easy" despite a city ban on "Possession of certain semi-automatic firearms".

"Easy" despite a city ban on so-called "assault-weapons".

"Easy" despite a city ban on inexpensive, short-barrelled revolvers (exactly like the one used to murder Officer Dressel) as well as some semi-automatic pistols.

What is even more sickening is that , as Buckeye Firearms Association Legislative Chair Ken Hanson pointed out recently, the teenager accused of murdering this police officer will not be charged with violating any of these Toledo gun control ordinances, once again highlighting the fact that these laws only hurt law-abiding citizens.

Again from the story:

    What are police officers facing out on the streets? Take a visit to the Toledo Police property room, and you'll find the weapons being sold out on the streets.

    "They're cheap guns. People get a hold of them. Once they get get rid of them, they sell them for a couple bucks. How cheap? Around $100," said Sergeant Ed Mack, with the TPD.

    Some of the weapons aren't as easy to conceal.

    "This is a big one here. Smith and Wesson, 50 caliber," said Sgt. Mack. "Basically, this was taken during a drug investigation."

    The property room is lined with thousands of confiscated handguns. There's no shortage of rifles either. And there are thousands of rounds of ammunition here, too.

The City of Toledo has lied to its citizens for far too long, lulling them to sleep each time a highly publicized crime happens with feel-good, do-nothing gun control laws. The results? Anti-gun Toledo Police Chief Michael Navarre says it best:

    "There's a lot of guns out there. It's a problem this city faces, a problem every city in the country faces," said Toledo Police Chief Mike Navarre.

    Looks like as long as you have the money and the contacts, weapons like these can be easily purchased illegally -- anywhere in Toledo.

It is time for a new approach to crime fighting in Toledo. Perhaps city officials will finally start coming to this realization on March 15, when they are preempted by state law from passing new meaningless gun control legislation.

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