Dispatch: Hunters’ concealed-carry a hot topic

The Columbus Dispatch's Dave Golowenski has written an article noting that Ohio's Wildlife division sees benefits of CHL-holders being able to tote a concealed handgun while hunting.

From the story:

    While there is bound to be some honest disagreement on the matter, concealed-carry advocates figure the woods will be safer in coming years.

    "A hunter should be able to carry a gun for self-defense," said Gerard Valentino, central Ohio chairman of the Buckeye Firearms Association and a Pickerington resident.

    Whereas most successful hunters would agree that carrying a gun in the field isn’t a bad idea, the Ohio Division of Wildlife came to the conclusion after a year of consideration that, given Ohio law, under all circumstances personal protection should include a concealed firearm packed by someone with a permit to do so.

    As a result, the division has asked the Ohio Wildlife Council to OK changes in regulations related to deer and turkey hunting that excluded the carrying of a second weapon if shotgun or bow were already in hand.

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Again, from the story:

    The issue first came up a year ago, Gray said, and concealed-carry advocates demonstrated "considerable patience" while they waited for the division to study whether there was any reason not to change the regulation.

    During that time, Lehman said, "We asked ourselves whether this was going to raise any biological concerns or a safety concern. We decided it would not."

    During open houses held last Sunday at the five wildlife district offices, advocates posted 61 comments in support of concealed carry, more by far than for any other initiative or suggestion. Also suggesting an organized effort.

The article also noted that petitions in support have been presented to Sean D. Logan, director of the Ohio Department of Natural Resources.

The next step for the proposed change will be the Wildlife Council meeting of April 4 where the proposal will be presented for council vote. If the council approves the proposals, the change will take effect on Sept 1, 2007.

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