Op-Ed: Rudy's Gun-Control Agenda

March 20, 2007

By John Velleco

The 2007 version of Rudy Giuliani defends his past support of gun control as a necessary evil to fight crime in a big city.

When pressed recently about his views on the 2nd Amendment by Sean Hannity of Fox News, Giuliani attempted to tap dance around his gun-control record without alienating the 290 million Americans who don’t live in New York City. The former mayor told Hannity that gun control was “appropriate” for the city, but that states and cities should be allowed to make those decisions locally.

“So,” Hannity continued, “you would support a state’s rights to choose on specific gun laws?”

“Yes, I mean, a place like New York that is densely populated or maybe a place that is experiencing a serious crime problem ... maybe you have one solution there and in another place, more rural, more suburban, other issues, you have a different set of rules,” answered Giuliani.

Apparently, in Giuliani’s America, law-abiding citizens in large cities would not enjoy the same constitutional liberties as the rest of the country. Are metro-Americans not deserving of the right to self-protection?

Disarming citizens because they live in a high-crime area is taking away the most effective means of self defense from the people who need it most. Creating mandatory victims is no way to fight a crime problem.

If Giuliani’s gun-control agenda were really limited “only” to big cities, that would be disturbing enough. But the record shows that Rudy continually tried to export his gun-control agenda to the rest of the nation. (emphasis added)

Click here to read the entire op-ed at HumanEvents.com.

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