Report: Congress Urged to Move Carefully on DC Gun Ban reported last week that attorneys representing six D.C. residents
in the high-profile Second Amendment Parker case are warning that attempts by "well-meaning members of Congress" to
repeal the 1976 Washington, D.C., gun ban could
backfire by keeping the case out of the U.S. Supreme Court.

From the story:

    "We appreciate that the Second Amendment's many
    friends in Congress want to express themselves on the
    D.C. gun ban, and there are ways in which Congress can
    have a tremendously positive impact," said Alan Gura,
    lead counsel in Parker v. District of Columbia, which
    challenged the 1976 D.C. gun ban.

    But "Congress has to act very carefully," Gura told
    Cybercast News Service after a panel discussion of the

    "A congressional repeal of the D.C. gun ban right now
    could erase the recent court victory," he said,
    referring to the March 9 ruling by U.S. Court of
    Appeals for the District of Columbia that said the
    Second Amendment protects an individual right to keep
    and bear arms.

    "All of our hard work would be wasted," Gura warned.

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Again, from the story:

    "We have to work with the members of Congress to make
    sure that if they want to express themselves
    legislatively on the D.C. gun ban, they can do so in a
    way that preserves the issue for litigation, Gura

Gura told the Cybercast News Service that he and Levy met on Thursday with
leaders from the National Rifle Association, "which
had been pushing this legislation" to eliminate the
D.C. gun ban, but "we believe that they've seen the
light. They've given us their assurances that they are
not interested in ruining the case."

"And [NRA President] Wayne LaPierre told us we can
take that to the bank," Gura is quoted as saying.

However, "the anti-gun people are a different story,"
he told "We have gotten word that at least one
group is now trying to push for a legislative appeal
because, frankly, they don't want this in the Supreme
Court, and the reason they don't want this in the
Supreme Court is because they're going to lose."

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