Buckeye Blast was a BLAST!!

On Sunday, 60 grassroots activists including U.S. Congresswoman Jean Schmidt and Ohio State Representatives Joe Uecker and Danny Bubp came together to support Buckeye Firearms Association and enjoyed a great day of fun and shooting at Tactical Defense Institute (TDI) in Adams County.

The day greeted the crew of almost 40 volunteers and 60 shooters with heavy rain, but by mid-morning, the clouds began to clear and out came the hats and sun screen.

After introductions and a welcome message, Tactical Defense Institute (TDI) lead instructor John Benner gave a short talk on mindset. The participants watched two videos of police involved in shootings.

The first case involved a Dayton Ohio officer who chose to yield to the demands of an armed criminal. Laying down her weapon, talking with and submitting to the demands of a criminal resulted in her sustaining paralyzing injuries, and eventual death. Today's criminals show little to no respect for a victim's life.

The second clip, detailed a Cincinnati officer who was shot five times with a .357 magnum at close range. The difference in this story was she did not let this end the fight, but continued fighting and was able to end the attack by killing her attacker. She summed up her prevailing mindset with the comment, "Somebody was going to die that day, and it wasn't going to be me". This officer exemplifies the mindset needed to win a violent encounter. Nothing is more important than mindset to ensure your survival, and this was perfect way to get people thinking about the day ahead.

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Throughout the morning, participants participated in several IDPA type stages. The stages were designed to be simple enough for beginning shooters, but with interesting situations to get even the advanced shooters thinking.

Special thanks to Randy Bueche and his fellow volunteers at Oxford IDPA club for designing the stages and running all the participants though them. It is only through active volunteers like this, that Buckeye Firearms Association is able continue to be an effective Political Action Committee.

Participants also experienced a force on force scenario involving armed attackers breaking into one's home. Force on force is excellent training because it changes every time based on the actions of each participant and how the "criminals" react to varied situations. The only constant is the learning process. Several people commented that this exercise provided them a whole new understanding for the importance of a "Castle Doctrine" law. It is obvious that delaying action in a violent encounter can get you killed.

While other groups were working one of the 8 IDPA stages or the Force on Force scenario, a large quantity of lead was flying at the steel range and falling plates. These two areas allowed participants to work on the fundamentals of drawing, first shot placement and target to target transitions. The instant feedback provided by the 'clang' of the steel kept excitement levels high. Of course the plate racks are famous for their ability to consume large quantities of ammo while they taunt you at longer and longer distances.

The TDI instructors were able to spend time with each shooter at the steel targets and the plate rack to offer expert advise on improving shooting stance, grip, trigger control and other essentials needed to make every shot count.

Midway through the day, shooters took a break and enjoyed a hearty lunch provided by local supporters, the Strauss family. The break for lunch also allowed time for the Ohio and U.S. elected officials in attendance to meet and speak with everyone While lunch was settling, an ammo demonstration was presented on the lower range. After lunch, the shooters returned to the ranges and finished rotation through all of the courses of fire.

The attendees at the Buckeye Blast included shooters from throughout Ohio, but some even drove in from as far away as Michigan and West Virginia to support Buckeye Firearms Association. The group included the typical cross section of shooters we all meet each day at our local range. We had husbands with wives, fathers with sons, mothers with daughters-in-law, one shooter who was 11 years old, and even one who completed the entire day while on crutches.

Pity the hapless criminal who tags Dennis as an easy mark because he is on crutches. This guy was drawing from concealment while balancing on crutches as fast as others were just getting the gun on target.

Stay tuned to Buckeye Firearms Association for information on other similar events coming soon.

Click Here for more photos from the event.

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