Register 'doing it for the readers' - who keep saying they don't like it

The Sandusky Register has been extremely stingy on the number of letters to the editor published in response to its privacy-invading actions. But to date, each and every letter published has been supportive of gun owners.

Does anyone believe The Register would be holding back letters supporting their position if they were receiving them?

The following three letters appeared in the Thursday, July 5 edition of the newspaper, and are notable in that all three were written by women who, judging solely by the content of their letters, are NOT concealed handgun license-holders. These letters prove it isn't only gun owners who are outraged by the actions of the Sandusky Register editor Matt Westerhold, who is maintaining a confidential list of Ohio CHL-holders in five northern Ohio counties on the paper's website.

    On the wrong side

    Privacy vs. Democracy. The editor of the Sandusky Register seems to be
    on the wrong side.

    I believe in the privacy of a person. But apparently the editor of the
    Sandusky Register does not.

    Matt Westerhold needs to look at the crime in these Ohio counties.

    The conceal carry permit holders are law abiding citizens. They have had
    criminal background checks and training.

    Since you printed the names of the conceal carry permit holders, you are
    putting them and their families in danger of theft or, maybe, for their
    lives. How will you feel when someone has to lose their life over your
    decision to print their names?

    Political purpose versus a life, Matt Westerhold. What side are you on?

    The criminals of Ohio just got one up on the law abiding citizens
    because of the editor of the Sandusky Register.

    I was hoping to see more people having their conceal carry license to
    help stop crime.

    Vicki Kimberlin

    'News' judgement lacking

    To the "managing" editor of the Sandusky Register:

    The role of a newspaper is to provide its readers with news reported
    without bias. It seems as if that purpose has been pushed aside by our
    local managing editor lately.

    ...[Regarding]the matter of publishing the list of CHL on the website. Your
    justification said "We posted the information as a public service to
    readers who want to know who among them has been licensed to carry
    concealed weapons". Your readers spoke out that they did not want this
    list. You further state "it would have been irresponsible not to make it
    available to readers who have no other way to get it", yet in the
    paragraph prior to this, you tell your readers that citizens may ask for
    public records. If every citizen can gain access to it, your reasoning
    is false.

    Please consider your placement of future stories. Keep our newspaper a
    newspaper of quality.

    Virginia Noon

    She'll start carrying

    I would like to congratulate the Sandusky Register for publishing the
    names of the law-abiding citizens that took the time to obtain a
    concealed gun permit. While some would think this is a problem for
    permit holders, the reverse is actually true. If you do not have a
    concealed carry permit, criminals are now well aware of it. Criminals do
    not seek out strong adversaries; they look for helpless prey. Thanks to
    the Sandusky Register, they now know who is defenseless and who is
    prepared. Since the Register pointed out who we are (by omission), for
    the safety of my family, I am going to get my permit soon (and I'd like
    to ask the Register to add my name to the list). If I were you I would
    do the same.

    Milla Kette, Huron
    Grassroots American Values

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