Drive-by media quotes ''study'' on drive-bys; Refuses to print response

A recent story in the Xenia Gazette, entitled "Ohio fifth on list of states with most drive-by shootings", was a perfect example of how the vehemently anti-self-defense Violence Policy Center dupes unsuspecting media/news reporters, as well as how lazy journalists irresponsibly run press releases to fill space, as opposed to analyzing the content and understanding the missing/misleading info.

Buckeye Firearms Association's Larry Moore submitted to the editor of the Xenia Gazette in response to this latest example, but the newspaper did not publish it.

We did.

Click 'Read More' for the letter to the Xenia Gazette editor.

August 1, 2007

Re: Drive-by shootings

I must really strongly object to the use of any study by the Violence
Policy Center as a legitimate and unbiased news story.

The story and their "study" leaves out several critical pieces of
information. It focuses on "victims under the age of 18" with no
mention of how many of the perpetrators are also under the age of 18
---- and therefore not allowed to purchase firearms - or in the case of
handguns under the age of 21. No mention of gang relationships and how
many members they have under the age of 18.

There are certain exceptions for target shooting and hunting under the
guidance of an adult or sponsored program. I hardly doubt any adults
associated with drive-by shootings are teaching gun safety and

Also consider the fact that, in Ohio, unless one has a concealed
license (minimum age is 21), it is illegal to have a loaded handgun in
vehicle. It is illegal to have a loaded long-gun (rifle/shotgun) in a
vehicle with the exception of certain limitations on hunting where a
farmer may have a loaded long gun in his vehicle on his property for
varmint control.

The Violence Policy Center often masquerades or presents studies and
other materials as if they are some US government agency. They are
Their sole existence is to advance gun control restrictions on our
Their website indicates this as: "A national educational foundation
working to enhance gun control in America".
Anything they present is most likely to be slanted toward the gun
control side and present only one side of the picture. They certainly
are not interested in the US Constitution or freedoms of gun owners. I am disappointed that you would pick this up as news worthy.

I haven't had the time to search the archives regarding the drive-by
shootings in Xenia. Did they ever catch anyone? How old were the
victims? How old was the perpetrator(s))? Was anyone charged? It seems to me at least one of these turned out to be kids playing with
guns, gun discharges and they made up the story about the drive-by. Hardly the stuff that should be included in a "scientific" study.

Larry S. Moore

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