Stupid criminal robs Ohio gunshop; caught by armed employees

The following story was written by Ralph and Rebecca Scott, owners of the Lock
Stock & Barrel Gun Shop in New Boston, Ohio.

Saturday afternoon a white male in his probable 30's entered Lock Stock & Barrel Gun Shop in New Boston to look at firearms. He decided he liked a particular AR15 rifle, moved toward the front door proudly holding it up, then politely telling the sales staff "Thank a lot guys!" and ran out the front door.

The sales staff, consisting of a local firefighter who is former military and an NRA Range Safety Officer; the owner who is former military and an NRA Instructor and a gunshop employee who is an NRA Range Safety Officer and an avid bodybuilder weren't feeling nearly as generous as the thief may have previously determined. They jumped the counters and gave rapid chase down the alley with pistols drawn, thinking anyone brilliant enough to actually attempt robbing a gun store in broad daylight may themselves be armed.

The athlete with the stolen rifle was overtaken within 150 feet, disarmed and brought down to the ground. The thief was handcuffed and convinced to stay on the ground for his own safety. Oddly enough, Rebecca Scott, an NRA Training Counselor, was conducting an Ohio Concealed Carry License class and had 7 persons in the building. They all turned out to watch the excitement along with most of the neighborhood.

New Boston Police responded in typical rapid fashion and were much pleased to have another fine guest for the evening in their possession. He was interrogated and taken to the Scioto County Jail.

NBPD later informed Ralph and Rebecca Scott, owners of Lock Stock & Barrel Gun Shop that the detainee had an extensive rap sheet consisting of numerous drug, theft and assault charges. Further searches on the Portsmouth Municipal Court website yielded more information about Michael Parsons of 2128 7th St. Portsmouth.

Apparently Mr. Parsons wasn't aware that theft from a Federally Licensed Firearms dealer is a felony which may result in a jail term of 10 years and a fine of $250,000. The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives in Cincinnati have been contacted. BATFE agents will be visiting Mr. Parsons in the very near future with the possible intent of convincing him to be a guest of the federal government for a time.

This incident has also received coverage in the Portsmouth Daily Times:

“When he was handling the thing, he appeared to everyone here that he knew how to handle the thing. So when he darted out of our vision, this joker could have easily slipped a round into the chamber and who knows what could have happened at that point. I figure anyone brazen enough, or stupid enough to rob a gun shop in broad daylight could potentially be armed. So we were operating under that presumption,” Scott said.

He said Parsons kept trying to stop, and Scott warned him that “if you turn around and try to point that gun at me, I'm going to kill you where you stand.”

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