NBC24.com's Kylie Conway: ''She's Got A Gun''

As a news story filed by NBC 24 Toledo's Kylie Conway recently reported, more females than ever are learning how to shoot a gun, and for a variety of reasons.

From the story:

    Since 1995, the number of women learning how to shoot has nearly doubled. Ranging is ages from ten or eleven to upwards of 60 and 70, more women are gripping guns.

    They aren't your typical Annie Oakley, an old west women who could shoot better then men. On the first Wednesday of every month it's Ladies Night at Cleland's Outdoor World shooting range.

    "Typically, women are supposed to be the weaker sex," long-time shooter, Nancy Miller sarcastically added.

    But these women are pulling the trigger of empowerment...like Nancy Miller, who's been shooting most of her life.

    "Once you master your pistol or revolver, whatever you use, you have a sense of confidence that you don't derive any other way," said Miller.

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Again, from NBC24.com:

    Actually, Cleland's Outdoor World Owner, Theresa Cleland, says women often have a better shot than men and are more protective. Which some say is a result of the natural instinct to protect their young, also known as the "Mama Bear Syndrome." A good example of this is Darin Lockert who's been shooting for two years.

    In 1995 there were 2.7 million women involved in target shooting. By 2006 there were five million. And Cleland says the number of women at the shooting range has nearly doubled since she began in the industry 40 years ago.

    "Because you see what's going on in the world - the crime rates going up - and women are less secure," said Cleland. And one store is capitalizing on this growth in female pistol passion.

NBC 24's Kylie Conway deserves kudos for this fair report on the subject of gun ownership. Perhaps Mr. Eric Flack, who filed a horrendously biased report last month at NBC Cincinnati needs to visit his sister station in Toledo for a few days for some lessons...

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