There is No Leftist Anti-Gun Conspiracy - They Really Believe This Crap

By Gerard Valentino

Over the years the anti-gun left has spread a lot of disinformation about guns and gun owners. Aided by a complicit establishment media they have been largely unchallenged in the court of public opinion. Even though it seems like there is a conspiracy between anti-gun groups and the establishment media to guns, nothing can be further from the truth.

The sad truth is both groups honestly believe the crap they disseminate about guns.

After Richard Nixon’s election win for the presidency in 1968, a news reporter famously noted that she couldn’t believe he won since she didn’t know anybody that voted for him. Although the incident happened well before my time, if it happened it all, it is illustrative of how the establishment media thinks.

The same theory holds true about guns and how the establishment media treats gun owners.

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It isn’t that they hate guns or gun owners - it is simply a way of life most leftists and establishment media elites are unfamiliar with. There is also a misguided belief among the mainstream media that gun ownership is limited to the fringes of society, and that gun owners are likely to be camouflage wearing kooks.

They also believe that the so-called educated classes, of which they are the most important members, never see gun ownership as an acceptable practice. Any gun owner who defends the belief in an individual right to bear arms has experienced the smug grin of an anti-gun friend who believes gun owners are all brainwashed by the NRA, and want to see it become legal to carry assault weapons through the streets.

Of course, gun owners know that what the media calls an assault weapon is really a simply semi-automatic rifle more likely to be used in target shooting than used to shoot an innocent person.

The establishment media, however, portrays anyone who owns an assault weapon as being one bad day from going on a spree killing. With the help of the anti-gun left they have succeeded in making the average citizen believe that assault weapons are automatic weapons capable of firing multiple rounds with one pull of the trigger.

Somehow, the mainstream media believes that anti-gun groups are totally objective and only concerned with helping people. Yet, it is the anti-gun movement who are the real liars that would go to any length to further their goal of total gun confiscation. The establishment media gives the anti-gunners a pass on their lies, however, instead bashing the pro-gun movement.

Gun rights activists also point out that most of the studies that tout gun ownership and concealed carry as a deterrent to crime are done by objective organizations. Usually, gun rights advocates’ site statistic from the FBI, Centers for Disease Control or the Justice Department. A sharp contrast to the anti-gun movement that creates their own “studies” that supposedly prove guns are the primary evil in society. They’ve also done a great job of using the recommendation of so called self-defense experts who advise people not to arm themselves when confronted with an armed attacker.

Yet, the American public saw what happened to people in New Orleans and along the Gulf Coast after they were disarmed by authorities in the aftermath of hurricane Katrina. They also saw how 32 people were disarmed and left without a means of self defense when attacked by an armed killer at Virginia Tech.

The anti-gun movement showed their lack of integrity further by also trying to use the Colorado Springs church shooting that was stopped by an armed citizen as another case where gun control could have stopped the demented perpetrator. They even refused to accept that it was an armed citizen who put an end to the attack. The mainstream media couldn’t put the anti-gun spin on the Omaha shooting, however, and all of the anti-gun movement’s arguments were exposed.

Not that their duplicitous ways have fooled the America people over the last 25 years. The result of every poll shows that Americans as a group support gun ownership and the right to carry a concealed gun for protection.

As the years go by and every study furthers the adage that more guns equal less crime the anti-gun movement becomes less and less attached to reality. Their hysterical cries of blood running in the street have fallen on deaf ears as anecdotal and statistical evidence proves gun control is nothing but a failed social experiment.

Only those with a vested emotional interest in seeing through on the promise of total gun confiscation continue to hang onto the false hope of gun control. After years of being convinced of the righteousness of their cause they are blinded to reality and have begun to believe their own lies. That is the only way to explain how they can still be pushing their failed agenda.

If it wasn’t such a serious issue the determination of anti-gun proponents would border on the laughable. Since their misguided ways have led to untold numbers of people being left at the mercy of armed thugs, it takes all the humor out of their laughable ways.

Still, their determination has brainwashed them to believe in their cause at all costs. I also proves that they are incapable of creating a conspiracy with the anti-gun establishment media. The sad sorry truth is they actually believe this crap.

Gerard Valentino is the Buckeye Firearms Association Central Ohio Chair.

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