Is Gov. Taft signaling retreat on CCW?

As we've been reporting since early March, Governor Taft and legislators have been at odds almost since the first gavel was struck in the 125th General Assembly.

Significant events are occurring in the media and at the Statehouse, which may be playing together to force Gov. Taft into full retreat on his opposition to concealed carry reform.

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The Gongwer News Service is reporting Wednesday: "WHITE SAYS CHAMBER WON'T LOOK TO TAFT FOR GUIDANCE

And consider these quotes from the Willoughby News-Herald article, also from Wednesday:

State Sen. Marc Dann, D-Liberty Township, said he will likely support House Bill 12. "I'll probably support it in the way it is now," Dann said. (Dann, a Democrat, is on the Criminal Justice Committee)

Most noteably, this from Taft's spokesperson: "He could support a concealed weapons bill if it includes significant training requirements, background checks and support of law enforcement groups," Holubec said. "Gov. Taft believes it is proper to take his cue from those working the front lines."

This is the first time Taft's office has ever mentioned the "front line", or rank-and-file aspect of law enforcement.

Taft is counting Senate votes, as are we. He too sees a likely overwhelming vote coming from the committee, and enough votes to override a veto on the floor. Could he be floating a trial balloon to spin his way back into a position of being able to sign this bill?

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