Complicit media warns: Bill would allow concealed weapons in parking lots!

You'd think it was another case of SARS.

We've been warning for two months that anti-self-defense extremists were testing a new spin in their fight against concealed carry reform, by claiming that "companies in virtually every industry will be adversely affected if a concealed carry weapons bill passes in Ohio".

Ohio's liberally-dominated media outlets (such as the Youngstown Vindicator, the Cincinnati Enquirer, and the Cleveland Plain Dealer) sprang to action to promote the spin, by reprinting a letter to the editor promoting these assertions over, and over, and over. Crain's Cleveland Business even went so far as to adopt language from this uninformed letter to the editor into an anti-self-defense editorial, and sign their name to it.

Now, the Dayton Daily News has joined the chorus, whining on behalf of the Ohio Chamber of Commerce, who is officially "uneasy", according to Chamber lobbyist Dan Navin.

According to Mr. Navin, many businesses are concerned about incidents of workplace violence with ready access to loaded firearms in cars and trucks in company lots.

What the Ohio Chamber of Commerce does NOT reveal in this article is that they are also aware that there are many other Ohio businesses who desperately WANT concealed carry reform to pass.

The OCC lobbyist also fails to mention the fact that the Chamber worked to secure complete immunity from lawsuits for businesses which render their employees and customers defenseless by banning firearms from their property.

Finally, the lobbyist leaves out the fact that their fears have no basis in reality: not in Michigan, where these same arguments were made before passage of these reforms there; not in Indiana, where concealed carry has been legal for nearly 70 years; not in Pennsylvania, where NO training is required for persons to obtain a license. There are no credible studies that show increased dangers to businesses because of concealed carry, yet many prove the benefits. Why would any business be against such a bill?

Perhaps the Ohio Chamber of Commerce should consider an ongoing poll by OFCC PAC, indicating that 97% of permit-holders would refuse to shop at any business which bans their right to self-defense. Since statistics show about half a million Ohioans can be expected to obtain permits when it becomes legal, one wonders if the Chamber can really afford to oppose a measure that would result in a sizeable loss of business for their members? Or that would remedy a law which, in the words of the Medina Police Chief, continues to create "easy pickings" for armed robbers in Ohio?

A bit of positive news is buried in the DDN article, Senate Committee Chairman Steve Austria said he is planning additional hearings this spring, and hopes to pass a bill out of committee before the Senate takes its summer break in late June or early July.

Check out the full story in the Dayton Daily News. They are polling readers, inquiring as to their opinion on whether or not companies should be allowed to ban concealed weapons in parking lots. They may not like the answer, which is currently approaching eight to one against such a ban.

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