Odd Cast of Characters assaulting Statehouse today

It's quite a diverse bunch that have assembled together today for the third Senate committee hearing on HB12. They're joined at the hip - all for the purpose of defeating attempts to restore your right to self-defense.

• The Ohio Chamber of Commerce is testifying in opposition to language which prevents businesses from banning firearms from your personal vehicle in their parking lots. But according to the more than ten local Chambers we've called so far (all of which are paying members of the state Chamber), the Ohio Chamber hasn't ever polled it's membership on this issue!

• The Fraternal Order of Police labor union is testifying as well, arguing that you should have to undergo even more stringent training and background checks in order to qualify for a license, and that one of your affirmative defenses should be stripped from you, all in the name of officer safety. But according to the members we've spoken with, the FOP has never polled it's officers on this issue!

• The Ohio Coalition of Gun Violence and Million Mom March combo will be there, making claims that Ohio will turn into armageddon when your right to self-defense is restored (presumably because they believe you are less intelligent and have less self-control than your neighbors in Michigan, Pennsylvania, Indiana, West Virginia, or Kentucky).

Read below to learn what you can do about this Cast of Characters, who stand in opposition to your right to self-defense.

----------> The Ohio Chamber of Commerce (normally known as a more conservative, pro-business lobbying group is supposed to represent the interests of commerce in Ohio. So why do they support a restriction on the right to self-defense, something that nearly 98% of you have said would cause you to vote with your pocketbooks, and shop elsewhere if a business banned your right to self-defense?

The Ohio Chamber of Commerce (AND your local Chamber) needs to hear from pro-self-defense business owners in Ohio. If you are a business owner or Ohio Chamber of Commerce member, please call them at 800-622-1893. Also, please call your local Chamber. If you are not in business, please encourage those you know who are to do so.

----------> The Fraternal Order of Police offered absolutely no (public) suggestions or amendments during debate in the House. But now, this labor union, under the leadership of Ohio FOP President Nick DiMarco is lobbying to severely weaken HB12.

We have received word that Mr. DiMarco is currently seeking re-election to his position as head of the state lodge. Wouldn't it be neat if hundreds of people sent a VOIDED check for $100 to his re-election committee with a note saying that the check wouldn't be voided if he had some backbone and supported CCW? Or better yet, send a copy of a REAL check, which has been made out and sent to OFCC PAC!

Committee to Re-Elect Nick DiMarco - FOP State President
12600 Rockside Rd., Box 314
Garfield Heights, Ohio 44125

And when the FOP calls your home during a meal, asking for donations, remind them of their actions against concealed carry reform in Ohio.

----------> The Ohio Coalition Against Gun Violence doesn't want you as a member, although it's highly likey that you too are against gun violence (aren't we all?). But those who believe that a safer society is one that defends itself are not welcome in their camp.

Someone has put together a great parody site, which shows how the OCAGV's website would read if they were REALLY seeking the best answer to reducing gun violence. Check out www.ocagv.com!

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