Translating Toby: Senate testimony full of holes

Toby Hoover, executive director Ohio Coalition Against Gun Violence, said a mouthful in yesterday's Senate testimony, as did her anti-self-defense partner from the Brady Campaign in Washington D.C., John Shanks.

Unfortunately, the truth and their testimony seem to have parted company before they entered the hearing room.

Commentary by Chad D. Baus inserted in blue.

One of Toby and Shanks' complaints is that HB12 does not specifically address the types of handguns can be carried—it only states that the weapon could be used with only one hand. Mr. Shanks suggested that the legislation obligate Ohioans to be trained with the same weapon they intend to carry, as is required in Texas.

The TRUTH is (which Senators have readily available in a Legislative Services study comparing various states' licensure laws), Texas only requires that a person qualify with a pistol of a .32 caliber or larger. Texans are not required to (nor are they limited to) carry any certain type of hangun once they obtain their license. NO state right-to-carry law defines what types of handguns may be carried.

John Shanks of the Brady Campaign warned that the liberal nature of the concealed carry legislation may increase Ohio’s rate of violent crimes.

The TRUTH is, HB12, when it becomes law, will be one of the most restrictive right-to-carry laws in the country. Dr. John Lott Jr. andother researchers has proven that the more restrictive a law, the less impact the law will have on lowering crime. Our neighbors in Pennsylvania and Indiana TRULY have two of the most liberal laws in the country, and their crime rates have decreased dramatically.

Toby stated that the majority of shootings are between "acquaintances", and warned that more guns will make disagreements escalate into shootings.

The TRUTH is, according to the FBI's Uniform Crime Report, the acquaintance shootings Toby spoke of are mostly gang warfare. Gangsters are not likely to be applying for carry licenses.

Toby told Senators a sheriff cannot deny a person a carry license who otherwise qualifies for a license, if he personally knows he is mentally ill.

The TRUTH is, sheriffs can refuse to issue a permit for someone he knows to be a mentally ill. The person would be able to go to court to dispute the denial, and the sheriff can present his evidence.

When Senator Teresa Fedor asked Toby about the potential for firearms theft if they ban firearms from day-cares, Hoover said there isn't any information to suggest that would be an issue.

The TRUTH is, two separate purse-snatching operations, in two separate Ohio cities, have occurred outside day-cares in just the past few months.

Toby said “Hidden guns do not give us a choice. It takes away our rights.”


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