Should we judge by society's worst examples?

After Tacoma, Washington Police Chief David Brame murdered his estranged wife and then committed suicide, we wondered aloud about whether Ohio's law enforcement bureaucrats wished to be judged by the worst example of themselves.

The media did not focus on this question in the case of Chief Brame, nor will they focus on the background of Case Western Reserve University shooter Biswanath Halder. Instead, they're only focused on where Mr. Halder obtained the firearms he used to commit his crimes.

Why is Mr. Halder's background off limits in the media?

Because he can't be classified or stereotyped as a "right-wing wacko".

Biswanath Halder's background deserves every bit the media scrutiny that has been given to other criminals who commit terrorist acts, such as Timothy McVeigh or Ted Kaczynski. But it won't happen.

You see, Mr. Halder doesn't fit the model of a right-wing wacko. Instead, his personal website (some information formerly available on the website is now being withheld, perhaps due to the criminal investigation) is filled with words of support for peace protestors who opposed intervention in Iraq, as well as links to websites for ultra-left-wing organizations, eco-terrorism groups, and even Handguns Control Inc.

Do they really want to continue the precedent of judging an entire group by a few of the worst examples among them? If not, then they should stop doing the same to those who exercise their Second Amendment rights, and their Ohio Constitutional right to self-defense.

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