Text of Million Mom's anti-self-defense business form letter

The Million Mom March's Lori O'Neill has been working to scare businesses into opposing HB12 for months now.

Apparently she has found very few willing ears. In Senate testimony Wednesday, O'Neill provided just five form letters, identical in content, on letterhead from five Ohio businesses (well, four and a half - one is owned by the Communist Chinese).

Click on the "Read More..." link below for a list of the businesses, and the text of the form letter.

"Dear Senator Austria and Members of the Senate Judiciary Committee on Criminal Justice:

As a citizen and businessperson in the State of Ohio, I am opposed to passage of HB12 and its companion bill SB24, which would lift the current restrictions on carrying concealed weapons by citizens of our state.

This legislation is bad for Ohio businesses.

Carrying Concealed Weapons laws create additional legal and practical responsibilities and costs to employer, whose obligation it is to create a safe workplace for customers and employees. I believe having loaded guns in the workplace creates an unnecessary risk for my associates and my employees.

The Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970 (OSHA*) states that companies have a legal obligation in most circumstances to protect their employees and customers from foreseeable acts of violence on company premises. If a company fails to meet this obligation, it may be held liable. In general, courts have interpreted this to mean that employers are required to eliminate 'feasibly preventable' hazards. Loaded guns in the workplace qualify as 'feasibly preventable'.

I am aware that HB12 and SB24 include clauses granting employers civil immunity, but I do not share your confidence** that this will protect businesses in the unfortunate event that an employee or customer becomes a victim of gun violence on my premises. These bills show a blatant disregard for the safety of my associates and customers and expose companies to the prospect of expensive and devastating lawsuits.

I trust that you will consider the interests of Ohio's businesses before voting on these dangerous bills. A no vote on CCW will demonstrate that you place the interests of Ohio's businesses above those of the gun lobby.

Thank you."

The following Ohio businesses signed their names and put this text on company letterhead, officially opposing the state’s recognition of your right to self-defense via HB12:

Orient Overseas Container Line Ltd. (OOCL - USA, Inc.) - based in Communist Chinese Hong Kong
6155 Rockside Rd., Ste. 402
Independence, OH 44131
p. (216) 901-5460
f. (216) 901-5470

Letter signed by: Larry Zgrabik, Director, TPT Trade (National Accounts)

Omni Realty Companies
Chagrin Building
29225 Chagrin Blvd. #250
Pepper Pike, OH 44122
p. (800) 292-6944
f. (216) 514-1960

Letter signed by: Chris Fine

The Blonder Company (Blonder Home Design)
3950 Prospect Ave.
Cleveland, OH 44155
p. (216) 431-3560

Letter signed by: Frank Sterling, President

Security Voice, Inc.
3496 Shouffer Rd. Ste. 225
Columbus, OH 43235
f. (614) 760-2828

Letter signed by: Robert McCurdy, President

Heinen’s Fine Foods (Inc.)
4540 Richmond Rd.
Warrensville Hts., OH 44128
p. (216) 475-2300
f. (216) 514-4788

Letter signed by: Tom Heinen

*OSHA itself says that there is NO OSHA concern. According to Jeff Lewis, Safety and Occupational Health Manager, of Region 6 of OSHA, has told Ohioans For Concealed Carry that OSHA has no policy or the authority to regulate firearms in the workplace. Should an employer choose to allow firearms in the workplace, Lewis says, he would be under no violation of any OSHA regulation or guideline.

**Mr. Jeff Alan, Director of Legislative Education in the Kentucky Chamber of Commerce (Kentucky also has a parking lot exemption for businesses in their CCW law), has told OFCC that they did not oppose this language when the bill was being considered. Further, he said that in the 7 years since the law was passed, they haven't had EVEN ONE report of a business having troubles meeting OSHA guidelines. What's more, there is no history of any litigation on the issue. Mr. Jim Ford, Director of Business Education, travels around the state to businesses large and small. He concurred with Mr. Alan.

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