Letter to the Editor: ''I'll choose to fight''

An interesting discussion has been ongoing in the opinion pages of the Cleveland Plain Dealer. It was instigated after columnist Regina Brett published a piece praising the differences "between us and them, between regular folks and police officers. We flee; they fight."

Consider this offering, from letter writer Daniel K. Lapp of Strongsville (click on the "Read More..." link below):


In her May 14 column, Regina Brett oozes praise and admiration for local police, and law enforcement as a whole. She praises them with comments such as "That's the difference between us and them, between regular folks and police officers. We flee; they fight." What an insult to near-victims of crime who resisted attacks by criminals, and prevailed. Brett may flee in the presence of an attack, but many of us "regular folks" would not, and have not.

She continues: "The shoot-out at CWRU showed us the danger that police officers face protecting our lives and property." If promoting myths were a crime, Brett would be arrested. It's not the job of the police to protect you as an individual; that's your responsibility. It's their job to preserve the public peace.

In the very same issue of The Plain Dealer, we find examples that complete the whole picture of the different types of people who are wearing badges:

Officer Jameel Tally (Maple Heights Police Department) is found guilty of involuntary manslaughter for fracturing the skull of a shoplifter.

Officer Jeffrey Krausher (Lakewood Police Department) pleaded guilty to sexual battery. He had sex in the back of his patrol car with a woman after accusing her of wrongdoing and taking her "into custody."

Police Chief Robert Osiecki (Brunswick Hills Police Department), recently convicted of drunk driving, is awaiting sentencing.

Are these the type of people we should respect just because of their career choice?

I can hear my critics now: "Oh yeah, who ya gonna call if some dude busts inta yer house in da middle of da night, huh?"

I'll call the police, of course. It's their job, isn't it? It's what they get paid to do. But after I call 9-1-1, I'll choose to fight, although that may upset Brett.

Brett needs to realize that the myths we are taught as children, such as the Tooth Fairy, the Easter Bunny and that the police are to be worshipped as gods "who protect us," are just that: myths.

From: Daniel K. Lapp

OFCC PAC Commentary:
We have refrained from printing these "cops-gone-bad" stories when they appear in Ohio newspapers because we do not wish to appear as being "anti-law enforcement". Quite the contrary, 75% of the Board of Directors of Ohioans For Concealed Carry are in law enforcement, as are many OFCC members. We have the utmost respect for the rank-and-file officers that risk their lives each day to enforce the law. And we are extremely proud of the Buckeye State Sheriff's Association for its support of our self-defense rights.

But a clear double standard does exist, both within the law and within the FOP and OHP leadership's position. We will not (must not) let false claims from FOP and OHP leadership go unchallenged, because Gov. Taft has put them in the middle of this fight to restore our constitutional rights. So without any notion of "cop-bashing", we feel it incumbent upon ourselves to point out the facts, as a means of responding to FOP and OHP leadership.

Consider this:
Studies have shown that law enforcement officers have higher rates of both alcoholism and violent crime convictions than does the general public.

• When push comes to shove, even the law-enforcement bureaucrats advocate carrying concealed firearms for self-defense in their own homes.

Law-enforcement make mistakes too.

• Prof. David Mustard of the University of Georgia's Terry College of Business found that right-to-carry laws reduced the rate that officers were killed by about 2 percent per year for each additional year the laws were in effect.

Warren Tribune-Chronicle editorial: "Officer or not, law is the same".

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