Loud and Clear

As the hour of Senate adoption of a substitute House Bill 12 approaches, we
thought it'd be healthy to review the circumstances under which HB274 died,
as well as the major moments for HB12 in the days leading up to now. This exercise will serve to remind all involved in the State House that it would be a serious mistake
to repeat history with HB12.

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In the days following Election 2002, when it became apparent that the Senate
committee was considering amending HB274 to fit the whims of the FOP police
labor union and Governor Taft, we polled OFCC supporters about their opinion
as to whether or not the changes should be made. 94.8% of those who
responded told the Senate not to bow under FOP/Taft pressure.

The Senate, led by then-President Dick Finan, did not listen. In an attempt to appease Gov. Taft, href="/modules.php?name=Content&pa=showpage&pid=11">the Senate adopted a number
of completely unacceptable measures that rendered HB274 impotent. Taft did not sign on, but instead just raised the bar another level. In spite of Taft's betrayal, the Senate still asked the House to reconvene after they had closed the session, to accept the changes. At the time, we polled OFCC supporters about their opinion as to whether or not Speaker Householder should return for a vote on Sub. HB274. 73.56% of respondents said that Speaker Householder was right in staying home, and thereby letting HB274 die.

After the bill died, we polled OFCC supporters about their opinion as to who
was responsible for HB274's demise. 59.03% of respondents blamed Gov. Taft. Coming in second was Senate leadership, with a full 31.72% of the vote. Only 3.3%
held the House responsible for not returning to pass Sub. HB274 (even the
FOP was blamed more, with 5.95% of the vote).

In the opening days of the 125th General Assembly, legislators indicated that concealed carry reform might not be a priority this year, and some blamed veto-threat pressure from Gov. Taft. When polled, 99.12% of responding OFCC supporters said that their voting at the polls in 2004 would be effected if concealed carry reform were not passed in 2003, stressing that the legislator's responsibility is to the Ohio Constitution, not to the governor. It soon became apparent that CCW Reform was indeed going to be a priority in this session.

Once again, Gov. Taft, the FOP labor union, and Taft-controlled Ohio Highway Patrol began voicing concerns about HB12. The House ignored them, and passed HB12 in March with enough votes to override a veto - a 69-28 vote.

Which brings us to now. Seven hearings have been held, and all sides have weighed in.

Will Senators make the mistake of repeating history? Will they ban CCW in
vehicles to appease Taft & the Highway Patrol? 99.23% of OFCC supporters
who responded to a poll told Senators they should not. 99.06% also agree
that Senators should not give in to an Ohio Chamber of Commerce request to
allow businesses to ban firearms from private vehicles in their parking
lots. And OFCC supporters are willing to send businesses an economic
message - 97.64% of OFCC supporters polled say they're willing to punish
businesses who ban CCW with their pocket-books by shopping at pro-CCW

The message to Senators is clear: OFCC supporters are almost uniform in
their desire to see HB12 passed without additional restrictions, and they
will hold responsible parties accountable if the vehicle for the recognition of their Constitutional right to self-defense is
once again destroyed by the Senate, at the will of Gov. Taft/FOP/OHP.

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