Ohio House of Representatives Honors Buckeye Firearms Association with Proclamation

Ohio House or Representative proclamation

The Ohio House of Representatives, under the sponsorship of Representative Tom Patton, House District 18, has issued a proclamation of congratulations to Buckeye Firearms Association.

Here is the text of the proclamation:

"On behalf of the members of the House of Representatives of the 127th General Assembly of Ohio, we are pleased to congratulate the BUCKEYE FIREARMS ASSOCATION on being named the 2007 Grassroots Organization of the Year by the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms.

"This prestigious distinction is a fitting tribute to the Buckeye Firearms Association, for it has attained a remarkable record of service in preserving our Second Amendment rights. The group's success is a justifiable source of pride and an outstanding reflection not only on the organization itself but also on its hard-working members.

"Being named Grassroots Organization of the Year provides a perfect opportunity for the members of the Buckeye Firearms Association to highlight their achievements and to reaffirm their goals. Their exuberance, commitment, and hard work demonstrate how very much can be accomplished by a group of motivated people who are united by a sense of common purpose.

"Thus, we commend the Buckeye Firearms Association on its recent accolade and extend best wishes for the future."

The proclamation is signed by Representative Tom Patton, House District 18, and Representative Jon A. Husted, Speaker, Ohio House of Representatives.

We accept this proclamation on behalf of our many volunteers and donors who make our success possible. Unlike the anti-gun organizations who have little public support and are funded by wealthy liberals, Buckeye Firearms Association is a true grassroots organization. We have the support of hundreds of thousands of gun owners, hunters, collectors, and sport shooters all across the state.

This proclamation is further proof that you can have a voice in the Statehouse and that you can make a difference, one donor or volunteer at a time.

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