Comic Books With A Message

By Chris Chumita

Growing up I spent a lot of time buried in comic books following the adventures of the X-Men and many other super heroes. The month long wait between issues was often unbearable. I drifted away from comic books as I got older, but about two years ago I discovered a pro-gun comic book that is geared towards children and adults.

The comic book is the “Gran’pa Jack” by the Jews for The Preservation of Firearms Ownership (JPFO). The JPFO is an educational pro-gun organization that has produced the mind blowing documentaries, “The Gang” and “Innocents Betrayed.” A few years ago, they produced an eight part comic book series called “Gran’pa Jack.”

Each issue of the black and white comic book follows “Gran’pa Jack” as he explains a pro-gun or pro-freedom message. The artwork and writing is very basic, and easy to read. “Gran’pa Jack” makes his point very clear, but in an entertaining way. The content is appropriate for children and adults. However, some of the topics are geared toward older children and adults.

The eight issues in the “Gran’pa Jack” series are:

Issue 1: Gun Control Kills Kids

This is the issue that launched the series, and is probably my favorite. If you can own only one issue, this would be it! In this issue Gran’pa Jack has his first discussion with his grandchildren about gun control after an anti-gun message was taught to the kids at school. “Gun Control Kills Kids” would probably be the best issue for younger children.

Issue 2: Can You Get A Fair Trial In America?

In this issue “Gran’pa Jack” discusses the legal system and helps make sure his daughter gets a fair trial after she is arrested for carrying a handgun for protection.

Issue 3: It’s Common Sense (To Use Our Bill Of Rights)

In this issue “Gran’pa Jack” discusses our rights that are protected by the Bill of Rights.

Issue 4: Gun Control Is Racist!

In this issue “Gran’pa Jack” and his friends talk about the racist roots of gun control. This is another one of my favorite issues.

Issue 5: The United Nations Is Killing Your Freedoms

In this issue “Gran’pa Jack” discusses how the United Nations is destroying our freedoms and how our own government is letting them do it. I highly recommend this issue, but it may be a bit complicated for younger readers.

Issue 6: Will Gun Control Make You Safer?

In this issue “Gran’pa Jack” debates a guy who comes to his door trying to preach that gun control would make us safer. Wait till you see how “Gran’pa Jack” sets him straight! This is definitely another must have issue!

Issue 7: Do Gun Prohibitionists Have A Mental Problem?

In this issue “Gran’pa Jack” discusses the motivations and possible mental disorders behind the anti-gun movement. This issue is the wordiest of the series and is definitely more suited for adolescents and adults. This, of course, is due to the amount of information and NOT because of inappropriate material.

Issue 8: Is America Becoming A Police State?

In this issue “Gran’pa Jack” explains how America is slowly becoming a police state and stresses the importance of gun ownership. This is another issue that I highly recommend.

The “Gran’pa Jack series is a must have for all gun owners. You can buy individual issues or complete sets here. I highly recommend buying the complete series.

On a sad note, the JPFO stated that there are no current plans for any new “Gran’pa Jack” comic books. Hopefully, they will produce another excellent issue of “Gran’pa Jack," if they get enough feedback!

Chris Chumita is a leader and volunteer with the Buckeye Firearms Association.

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