Who is attacking the Second Amendment in the D.C. gun case, and what can you do about it?

By Ken Hanson, Esq.

At some point in your day, you, like me, probably wonder “Have I done all I can do to be a pain in the hind end of those who oppose my gun rights?” The answer, of course, is “no.” Fortunately, it is easy to take some immediate and long term actions to irritate those opposed to your rights. Most steps are as simple as “vendor selection” decisions you make daily.

An interesting array of folks have spent considerable time and money arguing that the Second Amendment does not mean what it plainly says, and chances are you indirectly support these groups trying to strip you of your rights. Your support needs to stop – immediately. Here are simple steps you can take to make sure that these groups learn that nonsense has a price.

First, review the groups that oppose your rights. You can do this by visiting http://dcguncase.com/blog/case-filings/ and reviewing the column entitled “Amici for Petitioner.” You might need to click on the brief and review each cover page to see exactly which groups signed on to a brief. Each group appearing in this column is a sworn enemy of your gun rights, having spent tens of thousands of dollars to defend the absurd “collective rights” view.

Second, review your day-to-day business dealings and identify money you spend that might support these groups.

Here are a few examples:

1. American Bar Association. Notoriously and historically anti-gun. Is your personal or business attorney a member of the ABA? Do you even know? If your attorney is a member, your money is going to support a group active in destroying your rights.

    Action item: Call your attorney and ask “are you a member of or do you support the ABA?” If yes, tell them that this is a matter of grave concern to you as a gun rights supporter and as a client you are asking them to terminate their membership in the ABA. You can, of course, select any attorney who is not a member of the ABA for future services, and should confirm this prior to engaging a new attorney.

2. Domestic Violence Coalitions. We have all probably supported domestic violence shelters at some point, and this is a worthy goal. Cell phone recycling is but one example of worthy support for these groups. However, a coalition of dozens of these organizations feels that accomplishing their goal requires disarming you, the donor.

    Action Item: Review the coalitions who signed on to the domestic violence briefs and don’t support them. When they try to gain financial or other support in your community, confront their anti-gun positions publicly and make sure everyone knows their stance prior to being duped into supporting them. Support only domestic violence organizations who realize that guns don’t cause domestic violence, and indeed are often the only effective tool to eliminate domestic violence. It is baffling how an industry can ignore the obvious solution.

3. NAACP Legal Defense Fund. The NAACP is founded upon worthy goals, but their blindness to the racist roots of gun control is more political than practical. Inner city minorities suffer disproportionately from gun bans like that in D.C. No matter how worthy their other goals, nothing with “NAACP” in the title is ever going to see another dime from me so long as their political prejudice against guns dominates their agenda.

    Action item: Don’t donate to the NAACP. Make sure any event attempting to support or raise money for the NAACP is notified of their anti-freedom stances, so donors aren’t duped into supporting those who would disarm you.

4. American Academy of Pediatrics and Children’s Defense Fund. These groups continue to assert that guns are a disease killing children, despite every empirical measure to the contrary. These groups place their political hatred of guns equal to or ahead of other goals.

    Action item: Is your pediatrician a member? If so you should call your pediatrician, similar to the ABA approach above. Is Children’s Defense Fund looking for support in your community? Make sure the organizers and fundraisers are aware of their anti-freedom stances, and certainly don’t donate.

5. League of Women Voters. Although only a local chapter of the league signed on to the anti-gun briefs, the LOWV is notoriously and historically anti-gun. Election season is upon us, with corresponding candidate nights and debates hosted by LOWV.

    Action item: Protest a LOWV with signs or other peaceful demonstrations. Give notices to candidates that they are supporting an anti-gun group by participating in these forums. Encourage, at a minimum, that pro-gun candidates begin any participation by chastising the league for their anti-gun stances. “While I wish to be a gracious guest and participant in this forum celebrating our electoral process, as a pro-gun rights candidate I must begin by calling on our hosts to abandon their failed anti-gun stances and policies as being inconsistent with their core mission.”

Only you can stop anti-gun lunacy. Don’t support people or groups who oppose your rights. It is as simple as education and making informed decisions when you spend your money.

Ken Hanson is Buckeye Firearms Association Legislative Chair and author of The Ohio Guide to Firearm Laws.

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