Toledo concealed handgun license-holder defends own life during robbery attempt

By Chad D. Baus

The Toledo Blade is reporting that another Ohio CHL-holder is alive today because he had the means to protect himself when attacked.

The newspaper, which editorialized against concealed carry both before and after it became law (one editorial board member went so far as theorize on how he would disarm the entire American population), and which prohibits its newspaper carriers from exercising their right to self-defense even after several instances where employees suffered rape and or aggravated robbery, says nothing about whether or not the armed robber had a license to carry the firearm he used in the attempted robbery.

From the story:

A 21-year-old central Toledo man was fatally shot Sunday night by the victim of an apparent robbery attempt, police said.

Police said Victor Wiggins, of 2433 Glenwood Ave., died at St. Vincent Mercy Medical Center about 30 minutes after being shot.

The shooting occurred about 9:35 p.m. in the 1000 block of Norwood Avenue near Waite Avenue, police said.

Rahmaad Jones , 21, was sitting in an older model, custom-painted orange car on Norwood when three males approached on foot and pointed a gun at him, police said. Mr. Jones, who has a permit to carry a concealed weapon, had a 40-caliber pistol tucked in his waistband

Multiple shots were exchanged and Wiggins was shot twice, police said.

When police arrived, Wiggins was lying face down in the street in front of 1017 Norwood. A 40-caliber pistol was found underneath him.

Mr. Jones told police the suspects approached him, pointed a gun at his face, and he began shooting.

The last time a criminal was killed after exercising poor victim selection (i.e. attacked an Ohio CHL-holder), the Cleveland Plain Dealer falsely labeled it "what appears to be the first time a concealed-carry permit holder has shot and killed an attacker", despite there having been many other instances across Ohio, and that the Plain Dealer had covered two previous instances in Cleveland alone! The Associated Press (AP) took the Plain Dealer's erroneous reporting one step further by quoting the false statement in a wire report that was sent to hundreds of media outlets across the state (and beyond).

Their single source for the false information turned out to be Toledo's own Toby Hoover, who fronts what often appears to be a one-woman show at the Ohio Coalition Against Gun Violence.

A complete list of known incidents involving Ohio CHL-holders defending themselves is available here.

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