Defenseless California woman murdered while on phone with 911 operator

By Gerard Valentino

A few days ago, another American did what the establishment media and so-called security experts recommend by calling 911 as someone was breaking into her home. Just as recommended, she stayed on the line while waiting for the cavalry to arrive.

And unfortunately, yet again, an honest person died while waiting for the police to come and save her.

Nothing is sadder than when an honest law-abiding citizen is shot down by a cowardly street thug. But, it is especially chilling when it happens while the victim is on the line with a 911 dispatcher in the middle of broad daylight. That is exactly what happened to a lady in West Covina, CA.

From the story:

A West Covina woman who was on the phone talking with 911 dispatchers about a possible burglary was shot and killed Wednesday morning, apparently while the crime was in progress, Los Angeles County sheriff's officials said.

The victim was shot [multiple times] at a home in the 19700 block of Cameron Avenue about 11:40 a.m. while she was on the phone with 911 emergency dispatchers, said Lt. Dan Rosenberg.

The victim, whom authorities described as a "female Asian adult," was pronounced dead at the scene.

"It was perfectly obvious that she was defenseless and in absolutely no position to harm these individuals," Rosenberg said. "For whatever reason, they elected to shoot her. ...It was vicious."

Even more chilling is that our elected leaders and police officials warn against or even make illegal buying a gun for self-defense or fighting back if attacked. In this case, that advice got an innocent person killed.

Unless people start taking personal responsibility for their own personal protection, and let elected officials and the police know we won’t be led to the slaughter, these stories will continue to pop up in the news. Americans should start telling those sworn to “protect and serve” or sworn to “uphold the constitution” that we expect them to do just that by giving honest and helpful recommendations on how to go through life safely.

Clearly, the advice that implores Americans to lie down and willingly be a victim isn’t working. Security experts claim it is much safer to “give a criminal what they want” yet their solution isn’t always the answer. When their advice fails, as it often does, honest well intentioned people die, often in a horrific manner.

In this case the victim’s life ended in terror as she watched her attacker close in and ultimately fire the shots that killed her. Nobody deserves to be shot down in such a vile and cowardly manner but we are taught to submit when in that situation.

Anecdotal evidence shows that there are times to fight back. Clearly, if someone just wants your stuff, and isn’t going to hurt you, then it’s best to just give it up. Your television isn’t worth taking someone’s life. But, the minute you’re cornered, or the minute it becomes clear the thug is going to hurt you, then what other choice to you have but to fight?

Going meekly into that good night is not an acceptable choice because you have people that love you in this world, and they deserve to have you around. So when cornered, you have a moral obligation to fight until your last breath or drop of blood.

There is no doubt the police do their very best to protect the citizens in their jurisdiction. However, as in this case, they are simply incapable of being everywhere and most times can’t stop a crime before it takes place. They are simply left with cleaning up after the mayhem has already occurred.

Even when they are alerted while the crime is in progress they failed to get their in time. That’s not the fault of the hard working police officers who raced to save this woman’s life. Surely, they are racked with guilt that despite their best efforts they arrived just a little too late.

But, there lies the rub about the role of police in society. There is a well known legal precedent that says law enforcement is not responsible for the safety of an individual, just for protecting the public in general. That makes it imperative that individuals do whatever is necessary to protect themselves.

The advice given by security professionals telling people to submit at all costs to a criminal are part of what has conditioned people to be timid. It also cost this lady her life because instead of taking some sort of drastic action she did as she was taught.

Changing the common perception about what to do if attacked won’t be easy. In a society where Marines are accused of having no value to society by the city council in Berkeley, CA and where elected officials act to disarm the law-abiding in the face of armed thugs, there is surely to be resistance to teaching people to survive instead of submit.

Such and undertaking won’t be easy, and won’t be for the faint of heart…..but if it only saves one life, it will be worth it.

Gerard Valentino is the Buckeye Firearms Association Central Ohio Chair, writes for the and teaches the Ohio Concealed Carry class through Center Mass LTD.

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