CALL TO ACTION! Let legislators know you want Castle Doctrine NOW!

A vote on SB184, the Castle Doctrine bill, may finally be coming up for a vote. This legislation will restore your right to defend yourself and your family with force when faced with a deadly threat. It would also protect you from predatory civil lawsuits by criminals or their family.

Also up for a vote is a Buckeye Firearms Association and NRA backed amendment to SB184 which would prevent authorities from seizing your guns during an emergency and make other important improvements (see below).

We have Governor Strickland in our corner, but the outcome is not yet certain. The elitist Ohio Fraternal Order of Police union is staging a full assault to derail this bill.

If you want Castle Doctrine in Ohio, you MUST keep up the phone calls, e-mails, and letters to legislators. Tell them you want the bill PASSED. Tell them you will watch their actions and votes carefully and will remember what they do come Election Day.

If you've already done this, DO IT AGAIN! Be POLITE. Be firm. Be relentless. We NEED YOU to help us get this bill passed.

Yes, it's a holiday weekend. Don't let that stop you. Call and write every day until you hear that the bill is passed. Don't let up. Keep the pressure on!

CLICK HERE to look up your Representatives. We need to make calls and send e-mails to EVERY representative in Ohio.

CLICK HERE to write a letter to your Representatives. Use our pre-written letter or write your own. We'll see it gets delivered.

Here are the House Criminal Justice Committee Members:

Background information:

The main changes we are fighting to win for Ohioans with the SB184 amendment are as follows:

1) Establish a clear standard for what constitutes a "loaded firearm." The Ohio House wants to eliminate the "ready at hand" vagueness that has trapped many gun owners and hunters in Ohio. The FOP is opposing this because they claim it would allow "... anyone to carry a gun in a car (non-permit holders) if it is not loaded and no ammunition is in a magazine or speed loader." Since both the Ohio and US constitutions guarantee us this right, it is not the FOP's place to object to this right for all law abiding Ohioans.

2) Provide protection from confiscation of firearms during disaster and other emergencies. This is what other states are calling "Katrina Legislation" and is designed to prevent the wholesale confiscation of lawfully owned firearms such as was seen in New Orleans after the Katrina disaster. The FOP is attempting to derail this important protection to your firearm and property rights.

3) Allow lawful carry of firearms in establishments with a class D6 liquor permit. This type of permit allows sale of liquor on Sunday and includes most Krogers, Ameristops, and Giant Eagle type of businesses. Fixes are also being considered to allow owners of restaurants and bars to carry concealed as well as allow special duty police to carry in such establishments. The FOP has objected to this.

4) Make changes to the notification of officers by CHL holders. The penalty to a CHL for failure to notify (such as after a traffic accident or other highly stressful situation) would be reduced if the status of the CHL holder was already known to the officer. No more making criminals out of honest Ohioans simply because they were subject to a traumatic event and failed to inform an officer of something the officer was already aware of. The FOP has objected to this as well.

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