Project "Correct Kimber" letters begin to pour in

Last week, Buckeye Firearms Association Legislation Chair Ken Hanson sounded the alarm on gun manufacturers who continue to aid gun banners, and announced project "Correct Kimber":

We, the consumers, must intervene to help save gun manufacturers from their self-destructive habits. Like any other intervention, tough love is needed. “We love you, we love your products and want to support you, but we can no longer stand by and watch you destroy yourself.”

The article has also been published by, and featured in a Jews For the Preservation of Firearms email newsletter as well as on numerous pro-Second Amendment blogs across the nation.

In his article, Hanson is inviting gun owners to contact Kimber, and some have begun forwarded letters they are sending to the corporation.

2950 Hwy 35
Kalispell, MT 59901

June 5, 2008

Kimber Marketing and Sales:

I have been a proud owner of Kimber products, and have enjoyed the quality and accuracy of my Kimber firearms for quite a few years now. My Desert Warrior is an impressive pistol to shoot, and my Stainless Pro Carry is my #1 choice for carrying. I am more accurate with my Kimbers than I am with any other handgun – that always gives me a good feeling. Thank you for making a quality product, and for your continued support of the shooting sports.

Recently, I saw a lot of marketing effort and magazine dedication to the new SIS product. I was initially impressed with the gun, and to be honest, I wanted one immediately. But, as I considered the story behind this handgun and the audience for which it was designed to honor, I realized that there is no possible way that I could bring myself to purchase one. To glorify California law enforcement departments, while they continue to be committed to stripping civilians of the right to own the very gun that commemorates these departments, is unacceptable.

Why would a respectable firearms manufacturer want to sell firearms to agencies that support actions that are counter to our 2nd Amendment rights? I discussed this topic with members of a local shooting range, and the only reason we could think of, as to why Kimber would do this, is because it sells more guns. This type of short-sighted thinking disturbs me, and I know it will disturb a lot of gun owners all across the U.S.

As long as Kimber continues to sell products to California law enforcement departments, I will not purchase any Kimber products – and I will be sharing my thoughts with many firearm owners at the range, at club meetings, and on the internet-based discussion forums.

Please understand that a vision and marketing strategy that excludes sales to those who could eventually eliminate your customer base would serve Kimber’s best long-term interests. Caving in to short-term sales gratification by selling to agencies that support stripping Americans of their “right to own” is the wrong direction for Kimber.

Thank you for listening to my concern.


5 June 2008

2590 Hwy 35
Kalispell, MT 59901

Re: LE Sales

I am a specialty gun dealer in New Mexico. Several customers including the several law enforcement agencies in this and surrounding communities have asked about your products and I have told them of your high quality and support of the shooting sports.

A bit of my history, I am a native of California and was fortunate that my job necessitated my leaving that growingly anti-civil rights state and moving to New Mexico. Since my retirement I opened up my shop.

I have been following the rapid increase in the attacks on gun ownership in my home state and have reached the conclusion that any dealings with any government agency, especially law enforcement, which is in collusion to strip the citizens of California of their legitimate right to gun ownership and self defense are wrong. I agree with Ronnie Barrett and STI
that gun manufacturer who sells to any California government agency is actively working to destroy the firearms industry, no matter the short-term gains in such contracts.

I do still like your products and wish you well. However, as long as you continue to support governments who are actively engaged in abrogating and stealing the civil rights of my fellow citizens I cannot in good conscience carry your products in my store.


New Mexico

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