BOOK REVIEW: Four Hundred Years of Gun Control...Why Isn't It Working?

By Chris Chumita

The book "Four Hundred Years of Gun Control…Why Isn’t It Working?" is the first publication from a new Libertarian and pro-gun publishing company called Contrast Media Press. The publishing company is owned and operated by journalist and long time supporter of the Buckeye Firearms Association, John Longenecker.

"Four Hundred Years of Gun Control…Why Isn’t It Working?" was written by Howard Nemerov, a healthcare researcher who is also a long-time friend of Buckeye Firearms Association. Nemerov used to favor total civilian disarmament, and set out to prove that gun control would make society safer. However, the results of his research had the complete opposite effect.

Through his research, Nemrov proved that strict gun control laws do not make society safer. The results turned him into a strong supporter of the Second Amendment. His ongoing research has been turned into numerous articles (many of which have been posted on this web site) and the book, "Four Hundred Years of Gun Control…Why Isn’t It Working?."

The book is filled with more than enough statistics to keep a numbers geek like me happy. Don’t get me wrong, it is not just a book full of statistics, graphs, and charts. It is a highly educational and entertaining book. "Four Hundred Years of Gun Control…Why Isn’t It Working?" is very comparable to John Lott’s book, "More Guns, Less Crime." In case you do not know, John Lott’s research is held in extremely high regards by gun owners, Second Amendment advocates, patriots, and scholars. That being said, comparing Nemerov’s research to John Lott‘s research is a huge compliment.

"Four Hundred Years of Gun Control…Why Isn’t It Working?" is broken down into eight chapters, an appendix, and over thirty pages of endnotes. Unlike many anti-gun researchers, Nemerov is more than willing to show you where he obtained his information. The following is a quick summary of all eight chapters.

Chapter 1: A Brief History of Gun Control

Just as the title says, this chapter gives you a quick history on gun control. It exposes how the initial gun control laws were used to disarm blacks, Native Americans, and select groups of immigrants.

Chapter 2: Modern Experiments In Gun Control

This chapter explains how recent civilian disarmaments in England and Australia have failed to make those countries safer.

Chapter 3: Product Defect or Defective Policy

This chapter discusses how gun control advocates are trying to control guns through consumer protection laws by having them declared to be defective products. Nemerov turns the table and shows why this idea is a defective policy.

Chapter Four: The Politics of Gun Control

This chapter discusses the political side to gun control, lawsuits against the firearm industry, and more.

Chapter 5: The Information Machines of Gun Control

This chapter is definitely worth more than the price of the book alone. It discusses how gun control advocates have used the media to control the flow of information. Numerous firearms related studies are also broken down and clearly explained.

Chapter Six: The United Nations and Global Disarmament

This chapter deals with the real threat that the United Nations poses against our Second Amendment rights.

Chapter Seven: By Their Own Words

This is a short, but very powerful chapter. It discusses what the statistics from anti-gun groups actually prove.

Chapter 8: Call the Cops

This chapter discusses how Clinton’s “COPS” program was not responsible for the decrease in crime during its time period.

Howard Nemerov's "Four Hundred Years of Gun Control…Why Isn’t It Working?" is a must-read for all Americans. It will arm you with the facts necessary to combat the lies that are presented as facts by gun control advocates.

"Four Hundred Years of Gun Control…Why Isn’t It Working?" can be purchased here.

More information about Contrast Media Press is available here.

Chris Chumita is a leader and editor with the Buckeye Firearms Association.

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