Buckeye Firearms Association participates in filming of FX reality show

30 Days segment, filmed in Ohio, airs tonight

The reality show 30 Days, produced by Morgan Spurlock of 'Super Size Me' fame, was filmed in Ohio last August and early September. The segment is titled, 'Gun Nation'.

Pia Lalli, a staunch opponent of gun ownership for anyone outside of law enforcement or the military, will live with hunter and gun collector Ken Ekermeyer and his son in Leesburg, Ohio, on ’30 Days.’

30 Days derives the name from the show's premise of taking someone out of their normal environment and placing them into an opposite situation. In this case, the show takes an anti-gun vegetarian and places her into an environment where guns are an every day occurrence. The subject is Pia Lalli. Lalli is currently living in Brockton, MA. A schizophrenic man with a gun killed her friend. After that, Lalli became involved in the gun control movement working for stricter gun laws. She believes gun ownership should be limited to law enforcement and the military.

Lalli's host is Ken Ekermeyer who lives in rural Highland County. Ken is a firearms enthusiast. His rural lifestyle places Lalli far away from her city based vegetarian lifestyle. During the period Ekermeyer, who escorted her to various ranges and shooting functions, introduces Lalli to firearms.

Lalli also worked in a gun store, Peabody Sports LLC, in Kettering. "This episode of 30 Days was filmed last August, and we're tremendously excited to finally see it on air", says John R. Thyne of Peabody Sports. "As a reality show, 30 Days exhibits a high level of objectivity, and we're glad to be a part of proving that the so-called gun culture is nothing criminal or even disturbing."

One filming location was a gathering of the leadership of the Buckeye Firearms Association in the Columbus area. Here Lalli debated the Second Amendment and gun control issue with the leadership of the grassroots organization. Lalli also encountered State Representative Michael DeBose (D-Cleveland). Rep. DeBose, who voted against concealed carry legislation, switched his views after being attacked and chased near his home. Lalli took DeBose to task for his change in viewpoint regarding concealed carry.

Cameras also followed Lalli on a squirrel hunt with Greene County Dailies outdoor writer and Buckeye Firearms Association leader Larry Moore and his daughter Tiffany Atley. Unfortunately this hunt took place during the height of the drought conditions around Labor Day 2007. Much to the relief of Lalli, and the squirrels, no game was taken this trip.

The episode airs on July 1 at 10:00 PM on the FX Network. The producer and network are especially tight with information about the segment. It is not known which sessions made the cut from filming to the final production. A review of the show, an interview with Ekermeyer and Thyne, plus the results of the hunting trip will be the subject of a future story.

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Boston Herald:
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