SW Gun Skills Challenge is a HUGE success!

GunSkillsChallenge The sounds of good, safe, family-friendly fun echoed just outside of Oxford, Ohio last weekend as Buckeye Firearms hosted the first regional 'Gun Skills Challenge'. Just over forty shooters turned out to show support for Buckeye Firearms, meet and network with other area shooters, and generally enjoy a full day of shooting drills and scenarios.

A special thanks goes out to all the Range Officers and other volunteers!

GunSkillsChallengeAlthough this event was setup to attract mainly local shooters from the southwest part of the state, supporters from as far away as Cleveland made the drive to southern Ohio. The event was formatted as a slightly scaled back version of the Buckeye Firearms "Buckeye Blast". This more relaxed and family friendly focus brought in at least six Father/Son, Father/Daughter, Husband/Wife groups for the event. Being able to share this event with family members was a big draw for some as noted by a thank you email sent by one attendee.

As a Father, I know that this was one of those memories my sons will remember for a lifetime. Thank you for all the hard work you put into Buckeye Firearms Association, on behalf of the Gun Owners of Ohio.

GunSkillsChallengeThe day started with a quick introduction of all the local volunteers who donated their time to make this event a huge success and then it was off to the range. The first hour was dry-fire practice of some standard self-defense skills such as drawing from concealment, shooting from retention, shooting from cover and flashlight/firearm techniques.

Since everyone had came to shoot, the event then moved right into live-fire drills. These were quick skill building drills shot in groups of four to maximize shooting time. Shooters practiced double taps, one-hand shooting, off-hand shooting, shooting while moving, target transitions and many other valuable skills.

At noon, a catered lunch in the air-conditioned lodge provided supporters with a welcomed break from the full sun. But after some quick refreshment, everyone was ready for the second half of the day.

The afternoon was spent in larger groups progressing through four different IDPA style scenarios that were set up in four separate bays. The different challenges required many different shooting skills. Some scenarios focused on quick transitions from target to target, others required shooting while moving to and from cover. Engaging threats from non-standard positions such as sitting at a table or while carrying packages added to the thrills and the difficulty. Other stages even required shooters to remain aware of round counts and to successfully engage threat targets from amongst non-threat target.

GunSkillsChallengeOverall, fun was had by all. In addition to the shooting fun that was had, thirteen shooters took advantage of the event and the NRA certified instructors on hand to re-qualify for their Ohio Concealed Handgun License training certificate. This bonus was offered to all who attended and allowed them to renew their training qualification certificates before they expired. Be sure to check our EVENTS PAGE for more opportunities such as this to support Buckeye Firearms Association and other pro-gun groups and candidates.

Thank you again to all of the donors who came out for this event. You really are why Buckeye Firearms Association remains so effective in the fight to improve firearms rights in Ohio. Other photos from the event are viewable here: 2008 Gun Skills Challenge Photos

Here is some of the feedback we have received:

Organized and on time!
Good friendly competition.
This was my first experience of this kind. I can't wait to do more!!
This was good practical shooting experience.
Relaxed atmosphere and no pressure.
The instructors are GREAT!
I learned so much and my confidence level went way up!
Great event, fun and laid back. Everyone was so accommodating.
Very woman friendly, nice club and location!
After a lunch like that, I needed a nap.

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