Ohio Voting Has Begun – What Have You Done For A Pro-Gun Candidate Today?

By Ken Hanson

Absentee and same day voting has begun in Ohio. Perhaps you have seen the videos of the community organizers picking up drunk and homeless people in Ohio and running them to the polls to vote for Obama, or about poll observers being turned away from polling places?

Buckeye Firearms Association believes that every effort must be made to aid pro-gun candidates, whatever office. Please feel free to submit your own stories, which we will run periodically to help encourage others to emulate your efforts.

Last night myself, my 7 year-old son Mitch, my 11 year-old daughter Miranda, and my 29 years-old-and-holding wife Sharon stamped and addressed 1,100 postcards for a local pro-gun candidate, and we will do the same again tonight. This person is in critical need to get the postcards out, as my county might approach 30,000 absentee votes this year, and the message needs to go out right now.

While his office is not directly related to gun policy (county recorder), this person is solidly pro-gun, helping out with and organizing local Friends of the NRA Dinners for the past years and just recently. Does County Recorder vote on gun rights? No. Might this person move on to an office that does? Absolutely. Besides, he’s done a great job at this thankless and relatively anonymous job, reducing his budget and still coming in under budget.

What have you done for a pro-gun candidate today?

Ken Hanson is a gun rights attorney in Ohio and is the attorney of record for Buckeye Firearms Foundation, which filed an amicus brief in the Heller case. He is the author of The Ohio Guide to Firearm Laws, is a certified firearms instructor and holds a Type 01 Federal Firearms License.

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