Follow the Money: Trial Lawyers Behind Dirty Supreme Court Attack Ads

Over the past few days, OFCC PAC has been following a story concerning some attack ads that were televised state-wide in effort to damage the reputations of a sitting Justice on the Ohio Supreme Court (Evelyn Stratton), and our state's current Lieutenant Governor (Maureen O'Connor), who is running for an open seat on the Court. Despite personal requests from Stratton & O'Connor, the Ohio State Bar Association, and the Ohio Republican Party, Democrat court candidates have refused to request that the ads be pulled.

It has been said that at the end of the money trail lies the answer to any question. In our endorsement of Maureen O'Connor, OFCC PAC pointed out that a large portion of contributions for liberal candidates Black and Burnside are coming from trial lawyers.

It has now been revealed that the Ohio Academy of Trial Lawyers are the single largest contributor to Citizens for an Independent Court, the political action committee behind the widely condemned attack ads.

This PAC has raised more that $1.2 million this year in its campaign targeting the Republican candidates. The trial lawyers' PAC gave $699,087, according to a campaign finance report filed with the Ohio secretary of state's office last week. Other supporters, mostly labor unions, contributed $615,000, the report showed.

This fall's Supreme Court elections will have considerable bearing on the Conceal Carry Reform law that is currently being considered in the Senate. Whether or not Conceal Carry Reform is approved by the 124th General Assembly, the outcome is bound to have further constitutional challenges in the courts. Thus, the makeup of the Ohio Supreme Court is crucial. We need a Court committed to the Constitution, and OFCC PAC is convinced that a newly-elected Justice Maureen O'Connor, and a re-elected Justice Evelyn Stratton, will rule on the law, rather than liberal politics.

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Follow the money.

Read the entire story in the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

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