Dispatch: 130+ years of anti-self-defense rhetoric

‘Dispatch’ amazingly consistent on issue
Wednesday, July 09, 2003

I recently came upon a passage that appeared in the very first issue of The Dispatch on July 1, 1871, then known as The Daily Dispatch, that is astonishing:

"Nothing can be more absurd than the carrying of concealed weapons in a civilized community without a special purpose, and that in times of tranquility is simply criminal. But as there is more of this deadly practice in vogue than is generally supposed, as every day accidents and incidents attest.

"We concur with the observations of our contemporary of the Cincinnati Enquirer in its expressions as to this baleful practice. There seems to be no limit to human folly and infatuation in the use of firearms."


Commentary by Chad D. Baus: Since the Dispatch wrote this opinion back in 1871, thousands upon thousands of new gun control laws have been placed on the books...yet crimes with guns have continued to skyrocket, moreso in places with the strictest laws.

The trend is reversing itself in places where the right to self-defense is recognized via concealed carry laws - and the most liberal (unrestrictive) laws see the largest impact on crime-reduction.

Thankfully, the editors at the Cincinnati Enquirer (and most of the rest of America) have considered the experience of so many states, and entered the 21st century. The Dispatch is still very proving itself to be very much stuck in 1871.

Click here to read the letter in the Columbus Dispatch.

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