They've been hiding for years, but Washington's gun ban extremists are baaaack

By Gerard Valentino

Like cockroaches waiting for the lights to go out before scurrying out into the open, the anti-gunners have sulked in their little holes, feeding off political scraps while we were increasing the pro-gun footprint. While the anti-gunners hid, pro-gunners were so successful that only two states don't allow legal concealed carry. The anti-gun leadership absorbed their losses and waited a long time for the pendulum to swing back in their favor.

Now that the Democrats control Congress, they see it as the cue to scurry from their hiding places. Their plan is to take away private ownership of guns in America.

Despite their failures over the years, their current plan is devoid of new strategies which leave little hope for success. Americans have grown tired of the lies, poor prognostications and outright falsification they use as "proof" that guns are a threat to public safety.

As it stands, their movement's mission statement seems to be, "we are the enlightened in society who know what is best for you and your family, so since guns scare us so they should scare you too."

Adding to their headache is the success of concealed carry laws across the United States. The laws put more guns on the street without the anti-gun gang's predicted increase in violent gun deaths. That won't stop the anti-gun groups from making up statistics to prove otherwise, since dishonesty is part of their M.O., and has been for years.

Cockroaches seem to survive just about anything, and untold years of evolution made them a freak of nature. Anti-gunners, on the other hand, only have their failed social experiment combined with a willingness to throw integrity and honesty in the garbage. They also seem to have a never-ending supply of logically challenged, emotion-based hypothetical arguments.

Yet, like cockroaches they survive political disasters to dredge up their silly arguments after every high profile crime committed with a gun.

The media plays a big role in keeping the anti-gun message in front of the American people, and in states like Ohio there is and undeniable anti-gun bias in all forms of mass communication. Without the media and their willingness to place blame after every spree killing, the anti-gun organizations would dry up and blow away in the wind. Just like what my dog leaves in the backyard.

Just about every spree killing over the last 40 years happened in a "gun free" zone. We don't want to get into an explanation of why "gun-free" zones are an invitation to criminals. Without a doubt, "gun free" zones are the epitome of legislators feeling like they have to do something to protect the children.

Clearly, the "gun-free" school zone legislation was passed without required foresight, since hundreds of lives were lost over the years because criminals know schools are possibly the softest target in America. Leaving America's most vital resource at the whim of typical street scum, or people with a serious mental illness, is nothing short of insane.

Our children deserve protection at all costs, and clearly we have failed them by allowing a very small minority of anti-gun crusaders to run roughshod over the opinion of the majority of Americans. It is a sad state of affairs that will change only when the right to bear arms is returned properly to the American people. When that happens, teachers, parents and administrators will again have the ability to protect children.

The cockroaches come out of the woodwork to blame the pro-gun lobby whenever a spree killing happens, whether at a school, at the mall or at a workplace. But, it is the cockroaches' own policies which disarm law-abiding people making such attacks so easy. They can't make the logical leap required to understand that each time an honest person resists with a gun the net gain to society as a whole is immeasurable.

Criminals are cowards, and if they have to stare down the barrel of a gun, any gun, the next time a criminal plans a crime they will worry about an armed victim.

Americans spoke at the ballot box over the years and are solidly in favor of letting honest people use firearms for self-protection. With an avowed gun-snatcher in the White House, it won't be easy to counter the presidential bully pulpit, but we did it during the Clinton years. President Obama did a good job of hiding his anti-gun ways during the election and fooled millions of gun owners. Now that he is locked into a stance if he changes it gun owners will turn on him – quickly.

Anti-gun crusaders don' believe that guns are ever used in self-defense, and that guns are, by their very existence, pure evil. How an object devoid of thought, feeling or emotions can be evil is beyond the grasp of most Americans. Anti-gun groups are losing support due to their backwards stance on guns, not only has the grassroots deserted them, but large donors as well.

Like a cockroach searching for food, very little can dissuade the anti-gun gangs from their self-appointed duty of disarming honest people. It is our job to exterminate their backwards elitist agenda from the market place of ideas since their favorite line, "if it only saves one life," only applies to victims who refuse to resist with a gun.

If you use a gun and kill your attacker, the anti-gun crusaders equate such an action with a drive-by shooting that kills indiscriminately. Nothing is considered evil in the anti-gun platform, except the gun itself. Blaming an inanimate object, instead of the person wielding the device, takes a certain lack of logical reasoning that many Americans can't wrap their mind around.

That doesn't stop the anti-gunners from pouring out of the woodwork to blame a gun whenever a high-profile murder takes place.

When people see cockroaches pouring from their woodwork it is certainly disconcerting and can ruin an otherwise nice place to live. To combat the infestation a well-known commercial product is often used – the Roach Motel, where roaches check in, but never check out.

Anti-gun crusaders have their version of the Roach Motel – logic.

Once you get an anti-gunner in a debate over gun rights, wait a little while and then throw logic into the equation. They will be trapped because like the Roach Motel, they thought one thing when the debate began, and now you're pulling a bait and switch, leaving them without recourse. You also took away their one recourse when beaten in the marketplace of ideas – the ability to check out.

Gerard Valentino is the Buckeye Firearms Foundation Treasurer/Secretary and writes for the

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