Bowie Tactical Concepts: Making a good gun a great gun

By Jim Irvine

Do you own a gun that you like, except for some minor detail? Do you wish your concealed carry gun concealed better? Do you want a unique look or feature for a special gun? If your concealed carry gun is a compromise, maybe it's time to consider some custom work to make your gun fit you better.

Bowie Tactical Concepts (BTC) is owned and operated by David Bowie, a Sheriff Deputy, SWAT team commander, firearms instructor, and supporter of your rights. He also happens to be a genius at making a stock gun fit and function to its highest potential for the guns specific owner.

David Bowie is a shooter. He excels at an IDPA event or teaching shooting fundamentals and tactics. He knows what works, and what doesn't, in the heat of battle. He has carried a concealed weapon for many years. He is a perfectionist who is always looking for a better way to do things. Can this gun be made to function better? Can it be made to conceal better? Can it be made to fit my hand better? Yes, yes, and yes! And now your gun can too.

Bowie's work started on his own guns. Alterations were purely functional. He analyzed his gun and "fixed" things that caused it to be less than perfect. He rounded off square edges. He polished parts that caused reliability issues. He made alterations until his off the shelf gun became his ideal gun.

Bowie's guns were good. So good, in fact, that other shooters took notice and asked if he could improve their gun. As more people began to shoot and appreciate Bowie's modifications, demand grew from others who wanted (or needed) a better gun. Bowie Tactical Concepts grew out of a desire, followed by the skills and knowledge, to make the gun work for you to its highest potential. Thousands of happy customers can testify that BTC modifications are right on target.

The most common alterations BTC does are grip reductions (especially Glocks) and trigger jobs (especially the Smith & Wesson M&P). Both are good guns – but BTC makes them great guns.

Along the way, Bowie's work transformed from being purely function, to becoming works of beauty. If you have ever wanted to have a gun that people envied, then Bowie may have just the touch or look that others will admire.

Several companies now offer "stippling", or a different (and more comfortable) feel than traditional cross-hatch grips offer. When the work is done, you have a completely different look and feel to your gun, and the grip can be made to match your hand better than a stock grip. There are others who perform this work, but there is only one who can claim to be the best. Many experts from across the country think that David Bowie has earned that distinction.

Prices range from less than a box of ammo for minor stipple work or smoothing edges on a slide to the "Signature Package," which will costs more than you paid for your gun (and will make you the envy of all your shooting buddies). Or choose from a large list of alterations to customize your gun just the way you want it.

Special requests are not a problem. Because all work is performed by hand as a custom job, BTC can make your gun perfect for you. Creating custom guns at reasonable prices. It's no wonder BTC has experienced growth from customers who want the best fit and function from their gun, at a price they can afford.

You've invested a lot in your carry gun, and for good reason: your life is worth it. Why not spend a little extra to make your gun perfect?

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