Two elderly Ohio concealed handgun license-holders defend themselves in separate attacks

By Chad D. Baus

Two Ohio criminals got lessons in victim selection over the past several days, as two elderly persons, likely targeted because they appeared weak, turned out to have made plans for that very eventuality.

The Dayton Daily News is reporting that a 24-year-old man who allegedly got out of his car and tried to rob an elderly man "at the point of an AK-47" was shot by the would-be victim, who was licensed to carry a concealed handgun and fired to defend himself.

From the story:

The younger man was shot twice on Saturday, Sept. 19, and was taken to Miami Valley Hospital, where he was under guard, Dayton police Sgt. Damon Castor said. The gunshot injuries were not believed to be life-threatening, Castor said.

"Apparently he was trying to rob the older gentleman of something,” Castor said of the younger man. “He picked on the wrong person."

The would-be victim, in his 70s, was not injured, Castor said. The confrontation took place at West Third Street and Brooklyn Avenue in west Dayton, police said.

It was not clear whether the alleged attacker was trying to steal the older man’s car or money, Castor said.

No charges had been filed Saturday. Police are investigating.

Under Ohio law, the Castle Doctrine protects citizens who act in self defense against an intruder who is inside or attempting to get inside of their residence or their vehicle. Thanks to that law, the target of this crime likely will not be further victimized by the legal system.

Meanwhile, the Toledo Blade is reporting that a 68 year-old cancer survivor defended herself after she awoke to find a man entering her home through a window in broad daylight.

From the story:

Rosa Pearce lives on Rambo Lane. Her neighbors now call her Annie Oakley. The 68-year-old cancer survivor says she was taking a nap Thursday around noon when a man broke into her home. Rosa's dogs woke her up.

"It was scary because it was real dark and all I could see was his shadow," says Rosa.

So she reached for the .38 Smith and Wesson her husband bought her before he died in January.

"As I turned to go get the gun he had already cleared the window. If I could've got him, I would've got him right in the rear."

..."I'm not harmed. I'm fine. I don't think the guy will be back. If he does, I have another gun waiting on him and I'm not afraid to use it."

...Pearce has a concealed carry permit and did call police. She urges all women who live alone to purchase a gun.

In coverage on Toledo's 13ABC, Pearce is quoted as saying "don't piss off Grandma!"

The story goes on to say that Pearce chased the man out into her driveway and fired five rounds into the grill of the man's van as he was backing out of her driveway.

According to 13ABC, prosecutors have not said whether they were considering charging Pearce for firing the gun outside of her home.

Pearce told 13ABC she fired five rounds, because that was all the gun would hold. "If I had fifteen, he'da got all fifteen of 'em."

She said she has been shooting since she was a little girl growing up in North Carolina. But this marked the first time she used one to protect herself and her home.

Click here for a list of other Ohio concealed handgun license (CHL) -holders who have acted in self-defense.

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