Divert tax money to pro-gun candidates for FREE!

By Jim Irvine

This is the time of year when many make charitable contributions. Tax deductible is good, but I've got a much better deal for you.

If you pay Ohio income tax this year, you are entitled to a $100 per couple ($50 per person) tax credit for donations to certain politicians. A credit is much different than a deduction. You don't get a part of your donation back, you get the whole donation back as a tax refund.

If you do nothing, the tax-and-spenders in both parties will have no problem spending your tax dollars. But wouldn't you rather take some of that money and divert it to a pro-gun candidate? Help the people you want to help change the law. It costs you nothing!

How does this work?
You must make a donation before the end of the month to the campaign for an Ohio House of Representative Seat, or Ohio State Senator Seat, or any of the statewide offices. (Governor, Secretary of State, Attorney General, and Auditor) Then next month when you start on your tax return, you note your donation on your Ohio income tax return and you get it all back in your refund. It really is that simple.

What difference can your donation make?
If each CHL license holder donated $50, we would contribute over $8 million dollars to next year's campaigns. If each adult hunter took advantage of the tax credit, we would donate another $17,000,000.00. You can see why it's important for us all to work together. Together, we can be the biggest donor segment in any race, or in fact, in almost every race at the same time. Is that power worth 5 minutes of your time? If you want a better law, you will not find a better way to make a difference. It's free!

Who to donate to:
If your Representative and/or Senator have supported concealed carry, self-defense, or hunting issues, they are a great place to start. Each of us should have a relationship with our elected officials. How can they represent you if they do not know you? Reach out to them. It's free, and effective.

The point is to divert money (donate) from the general fund to someone who is fighting to improve the laws we live and hunt under. Please act today. If we speak together, the world will hear. By doing nothing, you help the anti-gunners with their lie that we are "few in number" and insignificant. Don't let that happen with your money.

Your can make your donation to one candidate, or you can spread it out amongst many. As long as they are all qualified candidates and your donation does not exceed $50/person or $100/couple you will get a full, 100% refund.

Can this deal get any better?
Yes. To gain even more clout from your donation, send it to:

Buckeye Firearms Association
15 West Winter Street
Delaware, Ohio 43015

Checks should be made payable to the candidate(s) of your choice, NOT Buckeye Firearms.

We will forward your check and any message you send onto the candidate of your choice. You will receive a tax credit for the full value of your donation (up to $100/married couple or $50/person) and Buckeye Firearms will gain recognition for delivering the combined checks of all who donate to your candidate.

Please remind your friends and family about this great deal. Each year, only a small percentage of Ohioans take advantage of this tremendous chance to shape our political landscape. Time is running short, so please write your check(s) today.

If you are not sure who your elected representative are, click here to fill in our volunteer page and learn who your representatives are.

Help us fight for your rights!

Become a member of Buckeye Firearms Association and support our grassroots efforts to defend and advance YOUR RIGHTS!

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