Husted campaign issues Second Amendment-related campaign flyer comparing differences with his opponent

by Chad D. Baus

State Sen. Jon Husted, former Speaker of the House and current Republican candidate for Ohio Secretary of State, has begun distributing literature designed to inform voters about the stark difference between himself and his Democrat opponent on the issue of gun rights.

The flyer begins by pointing out Sen. Husted's strong grading and endorsement resume from gun rights groups:

"Endorsed & A+ rated by Buckeye Firearms Association and endorsed by Ohio Gun Collectors Association & Ohioans for Concealed Carry. A+ Rating from the National Rifle Association."

The flyer goes on to provide a list which proves Husted is not just a man of words when it comes to the Second Amendment, but of actions:

Husted has been a strong and consistent supporter of the 2nd Amendment.
  • Jon Husted voted to create and strengthen Ohio's concealed carry law.
  • Jon Husted successfully led the efforts to override Bob Taft's veto of concealed carry legislation.
  • Jon Husted voted for legislation allowing Ohioans to carry a concealed handgun in restaurants and removing the burdensome car carry restrictions on licensees.
  • Jon Husted supported Castle Doctrine to give added legal protections to those defending their home and family in self-defense.
  • Jon Husted voted for the creation of the apprentice hunting license.
  • Jon Husted voted for funding for the Eddie Eagle Gun Safety Pilot Program.

Next, the campaign flyer shifts its attention to the sharp contrast offered by the record of Husted's Democrat opponent, Maryellen O'Shaughnessy:

Opposes allowing citizens to carry concealed weapons and supports mandatory trigger locks on all handguns, mandatory background checks for those purchasing firearms at gun shows. (10-24-00, Columbus Dispatch)

Supports efforts to hold gun owners criminally responsible if their weapon is used in a crime. (2-13-00, Columbus Dispatch)

Opposed the statewide preemption law that Jon Husted passed over Governor Taft's veto. (12-17-06, Capitol Square)

DOWNLOAD THE FLYER, print copies, and make sure your friends, family and co-workers know about the staunch difference facing them at the ballot box this November.

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