Compare Ted Strickland and John Kasich on Gun Rights

Polls from Rasmussen Reports, Fox News, CNN/Time, CBS News/The New York Times, The Dayton Daily News/Ohio Newspaper Poll and the Ohio Poll/ University of Cincinnati are all saying the same thing - Ohio's gubernatorial contest between incumbent Democrat Ted Strickland and Republican challenger John Kasich is down to a separation of only a couple of points, and within the polls' margin of error.

According to a poll conducted for the Safari Club International, nine in ten sportsmen and women are "very" likely to vote in the upcoming mid-term elections. The poll also found that ninety-three percent (93%) of sportsmen are concerned about gun ownership rights, with 74% saying they are "very" concerned.

It is clear from the actions of the campaigns in the past few weeks that they know the gun vote may be the difference in this race.

Buckeye Firearms Association has been covering this race for nearly two years. With some voters only just now getting down to doing their homework in preparation for Election Day, we'd like to provide this quick and easy summary of some of our past coverage of this issue to assist voters in comparing the two candidates on the issue of gun rights.

About the Candidates:

Strickland campaign releases new television/ radio ads targeting Second Amendment voters

Gubernatorial candidates submit to interviews with USSA/ Outdoor Writers of Ohio

Gov. Strickland calls for passage of restaurant carry in campaign letter; Contrasts record with his Republican opponent

Gov. Strickland believes he is cutting into the Republican base on the gun issue; Kasich disagrees

"Sportsmen for Strickland" bus hits the campaign trail

Strickland campaign seeks to educate voters on Kasich's anti-gun record

Mayors Against Illegal Guns TV ads pose question for DeWine & Kasich

John Kasich can learn a lot from Ted Strickland on the gun issue

20,000 TEA Party attendees hear BFA question John Kasich on gun rights in Ohio

About Our Endorsement:

Buckeye Firearms Association endorses Ted Strickland for Governor

The Role of Single Issue PACs

Letter to the Editor: "Good for you BFA!"

Why some Ohio Republicans are struggling to gain traction on the gun issue in 2010: A History Lesson

NRA announces endorsement of Ted Strickland for Governor

This guide provides an overview of our candidate grades and endorsements. You can access the guide online or download a copy as a PDF.

You can also create your own fully customized Voter Guide that will show you candidates who will appear on the specific ballot in your district.

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Remember, you can vote early in Ohio. Click here for step-by-step early voting instructions.

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