The following legislators need to hear from you TODAY re: Restaurant/ Car Carry fixes and Restoration of Rights

The following Representatives have been contacted by Buckeye Firearms Association, but we have not received confirmation that they fully support SB239 and SB247 or the process to bring those bills for a full vote.

We encourage you to contact them TODAY to politely ask for their support on the discharge petitions that will be signed tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. in Rep. Danny Bubp's office.

[UPDATED at 12:45 PM on Dec. 7 to include latest information. Rep. Danny Bubp has confirmed he has witnessed 50 signatures!]

[UPDATED at 5:45 PM on Dec. 7 - A complete list of those who signed is now available here.]

Names crossed out indicate Reps. who have signed the documents. Several Republicans have now indicated they will NOT sign. Names with no additional info have still not indicated either way.


Nan Baker - (614) 466-0961
Bill Batchelder - (614) 466-8140
Courtney Combs - (614) 644-6721
David Daniels - (614) 466-3506
Richard Hollington - (614) 644-5088 (has indicated he will NOT sign)
Clyde Evans - (614) 466-1366
Randy Gardner - (614) 466-8104
Jeff McClain - (614) 644-6265
Ross McGregor - (614) 466-2038 (has indicated he will NOT sign)
Gerald Stebelton - (614) 466-8100


Todd Book - (614) 466-2124
Linda Bolon - (614) 466-8022
Cathleen Chandler - (614) 466-2004
John Dominick - (614) 466-3735
Stephen Dyer - (614) 466-1790
Lorain Fende - (614) 466-7251
Ronald Gerberry - (614) 466-6107
Jay Goyal - (614) 466-5802
Sandra Stabile Harwood -(614) 466-3488
Matt Lundy - (614) 644-5076
Joshua O'Farrell - (614) 466-8035
Mark Okey - 614-466-1464
John Otterman - (614) 644-6037
Matt Patten - (614) 466-4895
Debbie Phillips - (614) 466-2158
Raymond Pryor - (614) 644-7928
Dan Stewart - (614) 466-1896
Matt Szollosi - (614) 466-1418
Kenny Yuko - (614) 466-8012

You have rolled your eyes, expressed your disappointment and outrage at Ohio's absurd gun is the time for you to do something to get these bills passed. The time for partisan finger-pointing is long past. The time for a vote is now.

Please call your Representative immediately and ask that they sign the discharge petitions for Senate Bill 239 and Senate Bill 247.

Help us fight for your rights!

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