Buckeye Firearms Association's Joe Eaton discusses restaurant carry legislation on Cincinnati's 700WLW

On April 15, Buckeye Firearms Association Region Leader Joe Eaton was invited to discuss passage of SB17 by an overwhelming, veto-proof margin in the Senate with 700WLW's The Big Show host Bill Cunningham.

Eaton did a superb job of explaining what the legislation will and won't do for concealed handgun license-holders in restaurants that serve alcohol, and also addressed the disappointing delay in House Republican leadership bringing the legislation to a vote on the floor of the House.

"We are still hoping it will get a vote in the House. Again, with the elections last [November] putting a good majority of Republicans in there we felt we should have an even stronger majority. We're hearing that's not the case, so we want everybody to make sure they're in contact with their state representative and also with Speaker Batchelder to let them know we need a floor vote in this. Even if it's not going to pass, Buckeye Firearms wants to know who the people are that are not going to earn our support in the next election. ...[Speaker Batchelder] has been fantastic for us in the past and we just want to know where we stand."

During the discussion, Cunningham noted that Governor John Kasich (R) had appeared on his show the previous day, and "he told me he would sign that."

Click here to listen to the segment, which lasts just under 13 minutes. After Eaton's segment, callers continue to raise the subject as the show progresses.

Buckeye Firearms Association is often invited to represent the views of gun owners to the media. For an extensive list of media mentions and appearances, click here.

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