"The Lundy List": Three legislators who indicated they'd vote for Restaurant & Car Carry before they voted against it

Last month, Republican House Speaker William Batchelder made headlines when he revealed that his 59-member caucus was unable to muster the 50 votes necessary for passage. A review of our 2010 candidate surveys showed that, so long as everyone kept their word, the votes were there. However, sources in the Statehouse told us that some were considering breaking their word and voting against the bill for emotional reasons. In response, Buckeye Firearms Association, the National Rifle Association and the Ohio Liberty Council began intensive efforts to encourage their supporters to contact members of the House during the legislature's spring break.

While we knew the names of some of the representatives who were considering flip-flopping, only one had already done so. Rep. Matt Lundy, a Democrat from Elyria, indicated on his 2010 BFA candidate survey that he would vote for the legislation in order to win a good grade and an endorsement, and then just a few months later proceeded to not only vote against it in committee, but to introduce two anti-gun amendments, including one that would have made CHL-holders' personal information public.

On April 25, we made the decision to expose the fact that Lundy had lied on his 2010 candidate survey. We published an article on this website, issued a press release to hundreds of news outlets in Ohio, emailed thousands of pro-gun voters, and shared the facts in a newspaper advertisement published in two newspapers that cover his district. We also made sure that a copy of the ad and resulting press coverage, including an editorial by the Lorain Morning-Journal, entitled "Lundy's duplicity over endorsement should be a concern to voters," was on the desk of every State Representative when they returned from spring break. We also provided a letter which dispelled the myths and provided them the simple facts about this bill.

Little more than a week after the letter was distributed to legislators, the bill was brought to the floor, and where it passed with a 56-40 vote, with Batchelder crediting gun groups' efforts for picking up some votes.

Unfortunately, by casting their vote against HB45, one Republican and one Democrat have now joined Lundy on the list of people who indicated they would vote for it before they voted against it.

Q15 - Complying with confusing and unnecessary car carry restrictions continue to be a serious problem for Concealed Handgun License holders. Will you support legislation that protects Ohio license holders and out-of-state visitors by removing these restrictions?

Like Lundy, Mike Duffey (R) and Michael Stinziano (D) answered: "Yes."

Q16 - It is a felony to carry a firearm into restaurants and other locations that serve alcohol for consumption on premises. Will you support eliminating that restriction for Concealed Handgun License holders?

Like Lundy, Duffey and Stinziano answered: "Yes. But only if the license holder is not consuming alcohol, intoxicated, or under the influence."

This is EXACTLY what legislation that was recently voted on in their chamber (HB45) would do, and EXACTLY why we asked the questions. When they needed gun owners' votes, these three representatives told gun owners "YES," but on May 11, 2011 they all voted "NO."

Without those answers to those questions, these men would not have received the grades BFA gave them, let alone the endorsements that came along with it for Duffey and Lundy.

Whether a gun owner or not, all Ohioans deserve 100% honesty from candidates and elected officials on their positions. Pandering to a group for an endorsement, and then turning their back on that pledge, is something only the worst of the worst in politics will do. All Ohioans deserve better than the members of "The Lundy List" gave.

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