Christmas shopping and your rights

by Jim Irvine

This the season for family and friends, travel and company, traditions and new experiences, and for too many disappointment and loneliness. Through it all, giving and receiving gifts has become a huge part of the holiday season.

While many of us would like a new Barrett .50 cal, there are many other gifts to show you care, while helping to further our Second Amendment rights. I hope you find some of these ideas helpful when shopping for your loved ones.

Self-defense ammunition

Ball round or FMJ or other "target rounds" are not good ammunition to carry for self-defense. The choice of ammo can be as important as your choice of gun. Self-defense ammo costs a lot more than target ammo, but you are betting your life on it, and you don't need very much. Just enough for your gun and spare magazine, speed loader or stripper clip. Because it is carried close to a sweaty, salty body, and exposed to extreme hot and cold while in our cars, it should be replaced at least once per year. If you don't know how old your self-defense ammo is, it's time to change it.

Membership to a pro-gun group

This will protect your rights, and has other benefits like a regular magazine or admittance to gun shows or other events. A membership to the NRA, SAF, OGCA, ORPA or other group makes a great gift.


Shooting is a paradox, because the act of aligning sights on a target is and pulling the trigger is so simple, children do it and do it well. But using concealment or cover, moving, shooting at greater distances, working in the dark or with flashlights, engaging multiple attackers, negotiating stairs and understanding the physical and psychological aspects involved in self-defense requires a lifelong of training, practice and dedication. How long has it been since you and your loved ones have taken a class? The basic class required to get your CHL was likely a beginner class. Advanced classes are fun, interesting and will make you much better able to deal with an attack. A gift certificate for some advanced training will be valued long after the season ends.


There are many books and videos that help people with further their understanding of Firearms related issues. Some focus on the guns, some on the law, and others on phycology. The list of topics is almost endless, and a great way to pass the time through the dark and cold winter months.

Buckeye Firearms Association store

There are many great gifts to be found in our online store ( to fit any budget. From pro-gun stickers or "no guns, no money" cards to "The Valentino Chronicles" book, there is something for every gun enthusiast. Wear your pride with some hats or shirts from our gift shop (

The true spirit of Christmas is giving, and while some people are difficult to shop for, even the gun owner who "has everything" can use something novel or fun.

You can even support your rights while shopping for those anti-gun folks on your list. Just use the link below and then buy anything on and you help support Buckeye Firearms Foundation. It's so easy, you can use it for all your online through the entire year. Click, save, support. It will bring a little extra joy to you seeing how happy the anti-gun person is with a gift that supports your rights!

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